Early History – Marxist Training

Obama & Biden Did The Following

Obama Is A War Criminal

Here’s a good Twitter thread on his war crimes: https://twitter.com/revmaxxing/status/1684706077357588481

Obama Built The Cages


Ending Wet Foot Dry Foot

One of Obama’s very last acts as President, right before Trump took power, was to end the policy “Wet Foot Dry Foot”. The policy allowed Cubans who made it to our soil the right to stay. Ask yourself why would someone pro illegal immigrant do that. It’s because Cubans can’t be conned into voting for Socialism.

Obama Admits The COVID Vaccines Were Tested On Billions

President Obama speaks at Stanford University confirming that the rollout of Covid vaccines to billions of humans worldwide was, essentially, the vaccines’ clinical trials.

“We’ve essentially clinically tested the vaccine on billions of people worldwide”