Early History – Marxist Training

Obama & Biden Did The Following

  • Brought us into more middle east wars.
  • They destabilized Libya, which brought back the North African Slave Trade.
  • They destabilized Syria creating the refugee crisis.

Obama Built The Cages


Ending Wet Foot Dry Foot

One of Obama’s very last acts as President, right before Trump took power, was to end the policy “Wet Foot Dry Foot”. The policy allowed Cubans who made it to our soil the right to stay. Ask yourself why would someone pro illegal immigrant do that. It’s because Cubans can’t be conned into voting for Socialism.

Was Former President Barack Obama arrested for ESPIONAGE


Barack Obama Arrested For Espionage

Barack Obama Arrested For Espionage

Birth Certificate


Obama Admits The COVID Vaccines Were Experiments

“experimenting on people – clinical test”