• They LOVE mealworms. Shake a can of them and they will come running. Perfect if they escape and you want to get them back.
  • Feed them oyster shells to help the shells stay strong.


  • Nurture Right 360 Incubator



Chicken Coops


  • Run an electric fence line at the bottom of your fence to keep predators away.
  • WYZE WiFi camera is good for checking on them at night.
  • Don’t have a window where light shines right in on the birds nesting area as they won’t lay as many eggs if their nesting place isn’t dark.
  • Have the roosting sticks be 15″ off the ground

Chicken Coop Design MUST HAVES – Watch This Before Building a Coop

  • The more ventilation, the better. It lets the moisture rise up and away during winter months which ensures the chickens don’t get frostbite. It lets the heat rise away during summer too.
  • Have a human size door you can use to get in and clean it.
  • You’ll need roost bars that are flat and at the same height so they don’t try to vie for the highest spot.
  • Get a nesting box on the outside so you can easily get your eggs every day.
  • Don’t get a giant coop and only a few birds as they won’t be able to stay warm in the winter.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE6Tzy8_vaA

My Chicken Coop Walkthrough Tour With MUST HAVE Features!

  • 6’x5′ fits 10 chickens
  • Use plastic flooring to make it easy for cleaning.
  • Put ceramic eggs in there to show them where they are to lay them and then if they try and peck them nothing happens so they don’t try and peck their own eggs.
  • Put hardware cloth over windows to keep predators from getting in.
  • Metal roof is the way to go. Easier to install and safer than roof shingles for using the rain water for your chickens as asphalt shingles give off chemicals. 
  • He uses sand and sweet pea Z “Coop Refresher” together to keep moisture down. Really easy to clean. He likes that over the deep litter method.
  • He cleans the poop down every 1-3 days from the droppings board, which is right below the roost. The poop is perfect for your garden.
  • The run should be 8′ wide by 14-16′ long.
  • Grandpas feeder opens up when they stop on it. Best for when you go on vacation.
  • Hang a water container: Tap-it Poultry Drinker
  • Ladies First solar light sensing panel for opening coop when its morning time. 
  • You can go on vacation and you only need someone to come gather eggs.
  • Plans: https://www.thirdcoastcraftsman.com/product-page/chicken-coop-and-run-plans
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdf8inDpp0k

DIY Backyard Chicken Coop Tour | How To Build | Easy to Clean

Cheap and Easy DIY Chicken Coop

  • Find an 8×10 shed for free on Craigslist
  • They installed 2x4s inside to provide more stability.

DIY Chicken Coop from a Resin Shed Kit

  • Get a resin shed as it won’t rot.

Tour of DIY Coop

  • Get netting for over the chickens to keep hawks away.

Craftsman 7×7 or suncast 7×7 resin shed chicken coop

  • See how he used 2x4s and lag bolts into a 2×6 treated base.
  • See the nesting boxes, auto door and how he used piers on bottom to stabilize it.

Lowes & Home Depot

Chicken Coop Builders