1. Put God First / Love God More Than You Love Anything Else
  2. Praise & Worship Only God / Don’t Make Anything In Your Life More Important Than God
  3. Respect All People
  4. Be Humble
  5. Be Honest
  6. Live A Moral Life
  7. Be Generous With Time and Money
  8. Practice What You Preach; Don’t Be A Hypocrite
  9. Don’t Be Self-Righteous / Don’t act like you are morally superior to others.
  10. Don’t Hold A Grudge / Forgive Others
  11. Faith
  12. Love
  13. Compassion
  14. Grace
  15. Hope
  16. Humility
  17. Integrity
  18. Responsibility
  19. Self-Control and Moderation
  20. Honesty & Integrity
  21. Kindness and Compassion
  22. Contentment and Thankfulness
  23. Patience and Perserverance
  24. Peace and Humility
  25. Loyalty and Commitment
  26. Do Not Kill In God’s Name
  27. Obey Your Parents / Love and Respect Your Mom and Dad
  28. Do Not Murder / Never Harm Anyone
  29. Be Faithful To Your Partner / Always Be Faithful To Your Husband or Wife
  30. Do Not Steal / Don’t Take Anything That Is Not Yours
  31. Always Tell The Truth and Be Honest
  32. Don’t Be Jealous Of What Others Have
  33. Thank god for each new day
  34. Be thankful and kind in what you say and do
  35. Share your things cheerfully
  36. Help family members without being asked
  37. Take care of all living things: people, animals and plants.
  38. Be true to what is really important
  39. Treat other people’s things as if they were your own / Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do To You
  40. Be happy for your friends when good things happen to them.
  41. Show God your love by loving others.