The 2nd American Civil Was officially started in 2020 when the Democratic Party took complete control of the Virginia state government and passed gun confiscation laws that were blatantly unconstitutional.

Mass immigration turned VA blue. It’s what’s turning Texas blue. Legal and illegal voters vote 70% for democrats. Both legal and illegal voters come from countries where big government and socialism is the norm; where freedom of speech and 2A rights don’t exist. There is no place the political right can import their own voters from. And That’s why the political left wants open borders, unlimited immigration and no voter ID requirements.

They Won’t Leave Us Alone

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Immigration Turns Virginia Blue As 70% of Immigrants (Legal and Illegal) Vote Democrat

How Voters Turned Virginia From Deep Red to Solid Blue

A new kind of suburbanization is sweeping through politics, from Richmond to Atlanta, Houston, Denver and elsewhere, and Democrats are starting to breach Republicans’ firewalls in elections.


Unconstitutional Gun Confiscation Laws Announced

It all started in mid-2019, when the democratic governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, started broadcasting that his intentions were to confiscate law abiding citizens guns and that he would push through the laws needed to do so as soon as he was able. On November 8, 2019, when all 3 branches of the Virginia state government were controlled by the Democratic Party, Northam officially announced his illegal gun confiscation law.

Militias & 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries Start Forming

As word spread of the unconstitutional gun confiscation laws that were in the works that would be implemented in early 2020, militias started forming, such as in Tazewell County, and the vast majority of cities and counties in Virginia declared themselves “2nd Amendment Sanctuaries” and that they have the right to form militias.

Here are some of the militias people started joining:

Within DAYS of the unconstitutional gun confiscation laws being announced, 30 VA Counties & Towns had declared themselves ‘2nd Amendment Sanctuaries’.

As word spread of the unconstitutional gun confiscation plans, states and counties across the country started declaring themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.” By late November, 19 states has 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries in place.

By December 21, 2019, MORE THAN 100 VIRGINIA CITIES and COUNTIES had declared themselves 2nd Amendment Gun Sanctuaries!

Virginia Governor Northam Announces Plans To Use National Guard To Disarm Populace

Just like when King George of England announced he was going to be disarming the American people by using the Red Coats, on December 23, 2019, Virginia Governor Northam announced his plans to use the National Guard to disarm citizens if they didn’t voluntarily give them up. 

Virginia Sheriffs Start Deputizing Thousands of Citizens

Upon hearing Governor Northam would be using the National Guard to disarm the populace, local sheriffs across the state started deputizing citizens in the THOUSANDS in order to protect them from the unconstitutional gun confiscation laws being put in place.

What Happens Next?

We’re going to find out….

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1. The entire state turned democratic blue due to mass immigration into the major cities in Virginia. According to Pew Research, 70% of immigrants feel the 1st and 2nd amendments should be abolished.

2. Once the governor had all 3 branches of the state government blue, he announced unconstitutional gun confiscation laws.

3. Within a month militias started forming and 100 counties, cities and towns in Virginia declared themselves 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries.

4. The governor was shocked by this and announced he would be using the National Guard to disarm the populace.

5. In response, sheriff departments across the state started deputizing citizens in the THOUSANDS!

6. These new unconstitutional gun confiscation laws go into effect in January.

7. In response to what the democrats are doing in Virginia, the 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries idea has spread across the country and now 19 states have 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries.

Shit is going to hit the fan and it’s not going to stop in Virginia. It’s going to heat up A LOT with the presidential election.