Why The US Pulled Out of the Paris Climate Agreement

Title: ‘No real thinking in academia anymore’
Summary: Scientist Dr Shiva Ayyadurai says there is “no real critical thinking” in academia anymore as professors are “following the money” when it comes to climate science.
YouTube URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZGKyILMvTE
Source: Sky News Australia

How To Solve Global Warming

In 2012 they discovered that Iron Fertilization (dumping iron in the ocean) is the solution to global warming. 

Can Adding Iron To Oceans Slow Global Warming?
A noted oceanographer once quipped that if you gave him a tanker half-filled with iron, he could give you an ice age. He was only half-joking. Adding iron to the ocean can cause blooms of algae, which have the potential to take huge amounts of carbon dioxide out of the air and by so doing, cool the planet. And a report in Nature magazine now offers some support for that idea.

The Complicated Role of Iron in Ocean Health and Climate Change
Iron dust may have played a significant role in the last ice age, and it could be an important factor in mitigating future global temperature increases

Dumping iron at sea can bury carbon for centuries, study shows
Iron fertilisation creates algae blooms that later die off and sink, taking the absorbed carbon deep towards the ocean floor. Dumping iron into the sea can bury carbon dioxide for centuries, potentially helping reduce the impact of climate change, according to a major new study. The work shows for the first time that much of the algae that blooms when iron filings are added dies and falls into the deep ocean.