Step #1. Read this so you know what to expect from women:

After you’ve spent 2 whole weeks going through all that bullshit, then you’ll be partially prepared for dating women.

Spoiler Alert: Feminism has ruined women, dating and relationship. The cost benefit analysis is just not worth it. Best case scenario, you get lucky and win the lottery and you find that 1 in a million girl that can’t do better than you and will stay with you. Worst case scenario, the girl you start dating tells you she is going to falsely accuse you of rape if you don’t keep dating her, marry her and support her financially for the rest of her life.


Gentlemen, it’s just not worth dating women any more. The pussy is hard to resist, but it’s not worth spending the rest of your life as a SLAVE.

Remember, never cohabitate (live together) and never get married.

Quotes To Remember

“The average western woman is like a broken vending machine. It takes your money and gives you nothing in return.”