Bowling Alone BookWhy do we hear politicians ALWAYS tell us that “Diversity Is Our Strength”? Is diversity a strength? 

That question was best answered by Robert D. Putnam in his book “Bowling Alone.” Here’s a link to the book:

And here’s a link to the 20th Anniversary Edition that is scheduled to come out in June 2020:

The answer to the question is…

NO. Diversity Is Not a Strength.

So if diversity is not a strength, why do politicians push the idea? Simple. Just look at the areas where they tell you “Diversity Is Our Strength” and you’ll realize they are ALL white areas. They only push diversity on areas that are white because THEY HATE WHITE PEOPLE. 

If that wasn’t the case, they would be pushing diversity in Africa and the Middle East. They would be advocating for more caucasians in Africa and the Middle East and that is not the case. Once you realize that, you realize that they don’t have the best of intentions.

What Is Their Goal?

Their goal is to destroy all white areas. They want white people divided and unable to group together to fight off what’s coming.