Trump Did Not Collude With Russia

There Was No Pee Pee Tape

Fine People Hoax Debunked

Trump Is Not A Racist

For Trump’s entire presidency, the oligarch owned media tried to convince all of America that Trump was a racist and that everyone that supported him was a racist too. They insisted he hated black people, even though he used to have a black girlfriend and did more for the black community than Obama did. When you would point this out to people and try to explain to them that they were being gaslight, they didn’t respond with logic questions, but irrational anger.

NPC Reaction To Having The Narrative Questioned

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Trump Is Not A Nazi

Not only did the oligarch owned media lie to the American people for 3 years about Russiagate, insisting that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 presidential election with no evidence, but they also insisted for his entire presidency that he was a Nazi. This defied all reason considering he has a Jewish daughter and grandchildren, but that didn’t stop the oligarch owned media from trying to gaslight Americans into thinking the opposite.

Why I Was Convinced Trump Would Still Be President in 2021

The following questions convinced me that Trump would still be President for a second term:

  1. Why would Trump (a man hated by those who are falsely claiming the presidency) approve the use of hangings and firing squads AFTER the election in which he seemingly “lost”?
  2. Why are they pushing SO hard to impeach a president that supposedly leaves office in 12 days?
  3. Do you really think Trump leaves office without playing ANY of his Trump cards? Do you think his EOs (especially on foreign interference in the election) were just for funsies?
  4. We were warned of a neccessary “scare event”. What does this seem like to you? We were told that only at the precipice will people find the will to change. What does this seem like to you? We were told POTUS would be isolated from making arrests for optics.
  5. Trump used to be adored by the MSM and most of the country. If he walks away and gives up, 75% of people will either hate him or feel betrayed. Why would he ruin his reputation and lower his net worth considerably just to let them win and put himself in their crosshairs?
  6. During last night’s speech, did you hear any of the following? – Trump saying he lost – Trump saying he concedes – Trump saying transfer of power to Biden – Trump congratulating Biden What was his last sentence of the speech?
  7. After the living hell that all of these evil scumbags have put Trump though for 4 years, do you really think he would leave office without declassifying EVERYTHING he has on them? He knows they’d come after him AND his supporters.
  8. Pompeo came out and said that Trump would serve his second term.

They (Deep State) Are After You. I Am Just In The Way.

A Parade For Trump in Nigeria

Black People Explaining That Trump Is Not Racist

The Oligarch Owned Media Blames Trump For Violence The Left Causes


How Trump Betrayed America

Being Honest About Trump

This will be painful, but let’s review how Trump did in his last term:
1. Trump hired a big pharma shill to head up HHS.
2. Trump was anti-2A saying on video “take the guns first, go through due process second”, pushing through Red Flag Laws and a bump stock ban.
3. Trump tried to hire Bill Gates to head up a Universal Flu Vaccine program 😳
4. Trump became a vaccine salesman.
5. Trump campaigned on locking Hillary Clinton up and then once he got elected told everyone to forget about that as “she’s suffered enough” and she a “good person”.
6. Trump could have gotten rid of Executive Order 13603 that Obama pushed through that gives the gov the right to take all of our possessions and force us into labor camps, but he didn’t.
7. Trump pardoned gangsters and rappers instead of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.
No one is “on our side”. No one is coming to save us. Prepare accordingly.