What is Equality of Outcome

The problem with equality of outcome is that to achieve it, you have to deny equality of opportunity.

Blind pursuit of Equal OUTCOME leads to an “Abomination of Justice” – Jonathan Haidt


Jordan B Peterson: Equality of Outcome vs. Opportunity

“What people that are advocating for equality of outcome don’t understand is that you have to seed so much power to the authorities, to the government, in order to ensure equality of outcome, that tyranny is inevitable.”

“Equality of outcome based on what? Happiness? Pay? Etc.”


Joe Rogan – Equality of Outcome is Nonsense

Joe Rogan & Jordan Peterson on Equality of Outcome

Equality of Opportunity vs Equality of Outcome


equity in theory & equity in reality

The only way to achieve true equality is to find the lowest common denominator for everyone. That’s why communism ALWAYS leads to everyone being equally poor and hungry.