Feminism is female nature politicized. It’s communism and then some.

The reason why Western Civilization is dying is because we empowered our women, which lead to lower birthrates. Unfortunately, women also vote for expanded welfare, but a welfare state needs more people with each generation in order to support itself. So now Western countries like the United States of America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc. need to import people in order to maintain that welfare system. This causes the country to collapse as a common culture and history is sacrificed for the sake of keeping the welfare state going as long as possible.

Feminism and the right to vote that women were given in the United States of America enabled women to vote for free stuff and halved the value of labor since women were now brought completely into the work force. Back in the 1950s, a family could live on the single income of the man of the household. In 2019, both parents need to work in order to afford the same lifestyle their parents enjoyed in the 1950s.

Feminists only have power because they benefit the left. If feminists ever bite the hand that feeds them, they’re GONE! That’s exactly what happened to the TERFs