What You Need

Best Guns of 2022

If You Could Only Have One Of Each

  • Shotgun: Mossberg 590A1
  • Tactical Shotgun: Benelli M4
  • Handgun: CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom
  • EDC Handgun: Sig Sauer P365
  • AR: Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 PRO
  • AK: Century Arms C39v2

General Hand Gun Notes

  • A handgun is a weapon of convenience and not really a weapon for combat, but we can’t really walk around concealing a full powered rifle on our body everywhere we go.
  • A weapon that has a large enough caliber, larger round count, your main training weapon (dry and live fire), you demonstrate skill with it during live fire defensive range drills based on accuracy, speed, movement, deployment, etc.
  • You should own a gun so that you have the ability to defend your life, the lives of innocents, or family and friends.
  • Stay with the calibers for combat and duty.  Remember that a handgun is not the preferred defense firearm.  That would be a rifle.  But a handgun is the next best thing, and of course easier to conceal. So we will want to keep the caliber large enough to do it’s intended job. For me that’s 9mm minimum.
  • Make sure the gun fits your hands and body.  Again, lots we could say here, but the basics are size, grip size (adjustability), trigger reach, etc.  You need to be able to have a proper strong grip platform, and be able to properly reach and press the trigger. Make sure you can work the gun: Draw, Reloads, Get it into action, train, fight, shooting at speed, etc.
  • Train with what you will carry. Owning a gun is pointless if you aren’t going to train with it and carry it with you at all times. Having a gun in your safe is meaningless when you and your kids get attacked on the way to school.
  • Some people advocate for carrying a “cheaper gun” and leaving their custom “Porsche” at home, because if something does happen, they know that their firearm will become police property, and probably won’t ever be returned. Personally, if my life, my children, family, friends, and others’ lives were at stake? I would take every advantage I could get at that particular moment. So if I had the advantage with the “Porsche” firearm, that’s what I am carrying. Period. End of story.
  • No handgun gun is worth $1,000 or more. They only cost that much because people are willing to pay for it. I’ve owned expensive weapons in my youth and got rid of them once I got smart. You can easily find some extremely high quality weapons for under $500 some just over $300, but you have to be smart and do your research.
  • If it fits your hands and you can shoot it well, it’s a good enough gun for you!
  • When you miss a shot, it’s almost always trigger control.
  • Stick with a 9mm gun as the ammo is available everywhere.
  • If you are going to buy a sub-compact single stack, stick with a reputable company like Glock, S&W or Walter.

Handguns Vs Other Types of Guns

  • Handguns suck. We carry them in public because they are convenient. But they lack stopping power and if 4 dudes kick open my door at 4 AM, and they’re wearing soft body armor, like most crews now do, I’m grabbing my AR15. Granted a handgun is better than nothing, but long guns are vastly superior and an AR15 will actually be safer than 9 mm as the latter penetrates sheet rock easier whereas 5.56 mm NATO breaks up due to the velocity. You can truly have your cake and eat it too when you run an AR. Plus, greater capacity and easier to shoot.
  • Personally I keep a M&P Pro, .12 gauge shotgun, PS 90 and M-16 next to my bed.

Shotgun Notes

  • 12 gauge Shotguns are the most devastating gun within 10 yards for home defense. You’ll tear the intruder apart.
  • BEST IN APARTMENT: #4 Buck has 16 pellets. Can be affective up to 25 yards. 
  • BEST IN A HOUSE: Double OO Buck shells give you distance and spread. 8-9 pellets. 25 to 50 yards. Allows you to stop someone at very close range. One shot hits them 8-9 times.
  • SLUGS: Give you the most distance. 75 to 100+ yards. They can turn a shotgun into a limited range rifle. Punch through car door or windshield. 
  • Federal Premium Law Enforcement Flight Control & Hornady Critical Defense OO buckshot 12 gauge 2 3/4″. Perfect for shots up to 10 yards / 30 feet.
  • Slugs for Home Defense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Az3X8prhJs
  • Shels Explained: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQwSkeO_2mA

How To Choose Your 1st Handgun

  • Define The Purpose: Home Defense and Open Carry
  • Choose The Type: Semi-automatic, (single / double action), Hammer & Revolver handguns
  • Choose The Size: Small size guns have more recoil. Full size guns have less recoil and are fun to shoot, but are BIG. Mid size guns are right in between. 1st gun or only gun should be compact, not sub compact.
  • Choose The Caliber: 380 Underwood Ammo gets same penetration as Federal HST 9MM that the FBI uses. He uses Hornady Critical Duty 9MM for his concealed carry. 9MM holds 2 extra rounds over 45 and higher caliber bullets. The higher the caliber the more the recoil.
  • Fits Your Hand: Find the one that fits your hand best. Does your index finger catch on the front of the trigger guard? If so it’s not a good fit as it will keep you from smoothly going from index to fire. Make sure your knuckles are slightly on the right side of the gun, not under the trigger guard. Make sure the gun is in line with your body.
  • Mag Release: can you do a mag release without changing your grip?
    Price: Choose how much you want to spend
  • TOP 5: Glock 19, CZ-P10c, Glock 26 (good all purpose gun), M&P 2.0 (HIS FAVORITE!) He likes the M&P 2.0 as he felt it was the easiest to shoot and had the best grip texture. Take 400 grit to the texture if it is to aggressive. Get the Apex Tactical Flat Faced Trigger to make it even better.  These guns are perfect for nightstand and conceal carry.
  • Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Fd6R8UPAwg

Beretta M9A3

Beretta M9A3 9mm gun

  • Has hammer in the back
  • Crisp trigger role
  • Ranked #3 for home defense. CZ and 1911 are ranked #1 and #2.
  • It can be used for conceal carry. People use it in an outside holster. It is only 33 oz, which makes it about the same as a standard pistol, like a Glock 17, Sig 320 or the Beretta APX.
  • Very reliable gun. You can shoot 1,000 rounds without having to clean it. Berettas are known for being very reliable of course.
  • More accurate than standard Beretta M9 because of the improved trigger and 3 dot night sights.
  • Has a very light slide as it doesn’t have much of the slide other guns do because it has an exposed barrel. That lightens the recoil significantly, enabling you to shoot much smoother than you normally would.
  • Capacity: 17 round magazine, but you can buy a 30 round magazine from the manufacturer.
  • Barel Length: 5″
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Frame: Alloy
  • You can add a silencer on the front.
  • It has an easy to reach magazine release that doesn’t require you to change your grip.
  • It has a bevelled magwell.
  • The slide release works really well. It’s very easy to actuate. The slide release is also very easy not to hit as it’s out of the way. Very ergonomic in that way. Glock puts it a little to close to your thumb.
  • The 92X is going to have a thumb mounted safety, where a safety should be in the first place, but this one doesn’t. But at least it’s swooped up out of the way so you don’t easily actuate it when you rack the slide.
  • You can easily add an Olight on the pick rail.
  • Perfect gun for zombie apocalypse 🙂 
  • Priced in the $800 to $1000 range.
    • $825: https://www.armsunlimited.com/Beretta-92FS-Type-M9A3-9mm-Pistol-p/js92m9a3mle.htm
    • $998 (black and green): https://lanbosarmory.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=24_27_28&products_id=47282
  • Online Comments:
    • “I love my M9A3. It’s definitely my favorite 9mm. I like the weight, the trigger, the stationary barrel, it just smacks of quality through and through.”
    • “The M9A3 is a solid gun. Every time I grab mine from the safe I always marvel at the quality and feel of it. It’s absolutely the crowning achievement of the M9/92 series.”
    • “I’ll be honest this is my primary weapon and has been my entire time in the military and I love how they feel. The reliability of these has a lot to do with a lack or proper servicing by the armors. I have shot one that was at 40k rounds with the original guid rod, spring and barrel and it was hard to shoot but it still ran. I would take it over the FrankenSig any day.”
    • “LOVE MY M9A3! It’s everything I wish the M9’s and M9A1’s that were issued to me were. Love the feel, trigger, and look. Accuracy goes without saying. The 92F/M9 series of pistols are just accurate. If you’re not accurate with one it’s you and not the pistol. They just run. This is the pistol the U.S. military should’ve adopted.”
    • “I like having the safety up and out of the way, personally. I’ve never had a problem with slide mounted safeties, but frame mounted ones, it depends. On a 1911 or USP it’s okay, but once I shot a Glock equipped with Cominolli manual safety, and I was constantly pushing the safety lever up with my thumb, thus locking the gun up. That Glock became a single shot pistol :)”
    • “This thing fires smooth like butter, love me some Berettas!”
    • “92 series- finest handguns made by man.”
    • “i’ve shot it and i do like it a lot but the Shadow 2 has my heart.”
    • “Beretta 92 pistols are only second to CZ 75’s. The G decocker is the way to go on 92’s”
    • “I carried an M9 in the Army. I need one of these beasts.”
    • “Switch the safety to the de-cocker only. Just install the G decocker only. It’s $50, and easy to install. I have slightly tuned M9’s, but this pistol’s dovetailed front sight is NICE.”
    • “I Love my M9A3, G model.. I also have a CZ shadow 2 and a CZ SP01 tactical that i use as my nightstand gun.”
    • “I absolutely love my M9A3. It’s beautiful, reliable (1000+ rounds through mine without failure), and fits perfectly in my hand with the thick grip. Of all the many handguns I own, if I only had to choose one, this would be it. It’s a workhorse gun.”
    • “I have this gun and swear by it. I swapped out the mag release spring with a sear spring from a HK Vp9 and the mags drop easier.”
    • “Heads up…..the “G model” has the decocker only! Standard has a safety.”
    • “Went out and bought this as my first gun ever. Love it and don’t regret it and using as my every day carry.”
    • “The line you said about home defense using this gun if you didn’t have your CZs or 1911s was spot on. I really like the m9a3 but it’s hard to beat almost any of the Cz offerings”
    • “It takes time to master but once you do its a real smooth gun. Sexy as hell”
    • “I picked up one of these about 8 months ago, have ran around 800ish rounds at 100% so far.. Also used my Griffin Optimus can and ohh boy the A3 is a perfect host.. The A3 has been Reliable, accurate, and I really like the wrap around grip and night sights.. Beretta stuff, nice… (APX is great also). I have carried this one, lasted not 2 weeks and Naaa, (for me) just too long and with the rail, prints like crazy.. It isnt too heavy to be done, but EDC normally being my CZ P07, this one is MUCH BIGGER. Really want to grab one of the 92X soon!”
    • “The M9A3 looks and functions like premier craftsmanship, and based on that it is my go to home defense pistol.”
    • “I have a soft spot for 92’s. My 92a1 with trijicons and threaded barrel just screams quality all the way around.”
    • “M9A3 absolutely an amazing handgun. I bought one in tan took it shooting fell I love with it 2 days later bought one in black.”
    • “Dude, get a few of the factory 30 rnd sticks while you still can. Less reloading = more fun.”
    • “Went out and bought this as my first gun ever. Love it and don’t regret it and am using as my every day carry.”
    • “It’s funny. Ive owned Berettas for years and have thousands of rounds through the platform and have competed with them. I’ve never accidentally engaged the safety when racking the slide. Even if I did I would feel the safety catch on my fingers and I would simply disengage the safety. I can disengage the safety by sweeping my thumb CCW”
    • “In the military often these guns are mistreated and not cleaned enough if you take care of the 92 it’s fine but for a 9m it’s a little big”
    • “For me the thick grip feels better but is slippery when your hand sweats. The thin one has better grip in my opinion. Awsome gun, my first fullsize Beretta.”
    • “I bought a beretta 92, and Love it… it’s like shooting a Ferrari that’s reliable.”
    • “My perfect Beretta would be an M9A3X-Compact: M9A3 with the new frame-mounted safety-decocker, 4″ barrel, shorter grip 13-15 rounds in a flush magazine but also takes full-size magazines with a grip sleeve. in the meantime, CZ P-01. The ultimate gun for conceal and carry ;-)”
    • “Can you see over the silencer with those sites? no, he said while you can get aftermarket suppressor height sights, the stock ones will do just fine as you can look at the targets, line up your sights, and have the targets superimposed when shooting”
    • “I’ve had my M9A3 since they came out and I finally gave it an ultrasonic bath. It only got “wipe off the obvious crud” type cleaning before. The “bathwater” looked like sludge afterwards. Other than some wear on the barrel under the front barrel arch, it looked almost brand new. One tough sucker. I just ordered the “spartan” night sights from Ameriglo to address the ONLY thing I dislike about the gun – the stock night sight front blade is too hard to make out quickly (I’m old and can’t see so well up close). It’s definitely my favorite pistol.”
    • “I had a problem with a holster strap decocking the pistol when I put it back into the holster. I like the three white dot sights, my new Beretta has three red dots.”
    • “I despised the M9 when having to get it issued BUT it was an absolute tank and very easy to run. Crimson trace grips were a must. The sights always sucked in low light and no rail available for a wml.”
    • “I went with the APX Tactical but like the M9A3 substantially more.”
  • Q&A
    • M9A3 vs Elite LTT? ELITE LTT
    • If you already had a Sig P226/229 as a bedside gun, would you trade it for one of these instead? I would but I prefer the beretta over the sig.
    • Not sure I understand why you need or want the safety on these type of guns. Isn’t a de-cocker sufficient enough?? Being a service pistol they required it to have a manual safety. Gotcha. Personally, I just think these guns seem safe enough without any manual/thumb safety.
  • Problems
    • If it starts jamming all the time, clean it. But if it still jams often, you might need some change springs. you can also send it to wilson combat and basically have them put in these new essential parts making the gun brand new again for less than whatever they originally go for.
  • Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvBIzMVdTRA


Beretta 92x

  • Online Comments
    • “The new 92X does not have a thumb safety, it has the traditional slide safety. Only the $1300 92X Performance does.”

CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom

CZ 75 SP 01 Phantom Gun

  • 18 round mags!
  • 8.15″ length barrel. 5.83″ height
  • 29.4 ounces.
  • I really like the beaver tail. The gun sits very comfortably in your hand.
  • This is a FULL SIZE firearm
  • Glowy sights, but a fiber optic sight would be better
  • This is a palmer gun
  • The trigger has a double action pull that weighs in at 9.2 on the scale. Extremely smooth. 4.3 pounds on single action pull.
  • Not the shortest reset but still feels good.
  • Sits low in the hand. Pretty good borax there. Very comfortable. Mild shooter.
  • BF19 = 30% off

CZ P10c

CZ P10c Gun

  • I shot really well with this gun.
  • Compact size gun. Similar in size to the Glock 19.
  • 14+1 in 9mm.
  • 4.2″ barrel.
  • Add light underneath.
  • Shoots very fast and accurate. Good size and weight. 
  • Small enough to conceal and carry.
  • Has a front slide cocking serration.
  • It’s a polymer gun.
  • Has an undercut trigger guard which leads to quick follow up shots. 
  • You can chock up on it really well.
  • The trigger isn’t the best on the market. Very short reset though. He likes the PPQ trigger pull better though. Smooths out after 500 rounds.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-INTDeMrOs
  • YT Commenter said it’s far superior out of the box than a Glock 19.
  • Best trigger from the factory on any gun.
  • Very easy to take apart but parts can be hard to find.
  • Indentation at the bottom to make it easy to clear magazines.
  • Nice texture spots for your index finger before it goes to the trigger.
  • Safety Lever Trigger. Very smooth trigger and fantastic reset.
  • “M&P 2.0 Compact has lots of aftermarket sight options, CZ has pretty much zero.”
  • “The trigger and ergonomics was good, but nothing as good as everyone said. And, the stiff magazine release was ridiculous.”

Glock 43

  • This is the Glock’s version of the S&W Shield. He talked highly of the Shield in this video.
  • Single stack. 9 mm. 6+1. You can get a 7+1 magazine as well.
  • Good for conceal carry. Not best for home defense as you can’t attach a light to it.
  • 6″ long and 4″ high. 18 ounces. It’s very thin. Good for appendix holster, but that’s not as comfortable as a side holster.
  • Very reliable after being put in mud.
  • It’s snappy, like all sub-compact pistol. It’s lighter than the Shield and XP which makes it snappier.
  • Not much grip on it.
  • I does not like Glock Take Down Levers. Hard to pull down if they get mud in them. He prefers the M&P style where you slide to the side.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdTOotGzVcY

M&P Shield 9mm Gun

M&P Shield 9mm Gun

Sig Sauer P228 9mm Gun

Sig Sauer P228 9mm Gun

  • Double Action Carry Gun

Sig Sauer P229 Legion

  • Good for concealed carry. Has a nice undercut.
  • Has the hammer in the back my gun instructor told me to avoid
  • Glow in the dark dot
  • Beaver tail lets your hand get up high (higher grip)
  • 9 MM, 40 cal and 357 sig with 3 different magazines
  • $1229 on Bass Pro Shops. 5 stars based on 8 reviews.
    • https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/sig-sauer-p229-legion-compact-semi-auto-pistol 
  • Has a de-cocker switch for lowering the hammer safely.
  • Has a low profile slider stop. Hard to get to for some people.
  • He doesn’t like how he can’t get his hand up higher to be closer to the bore. Wishes he could get his hand up higher.
  • He doesn’t like how he has to do so much to do his 1st shot compared to 2nd and 3rd shot. Too much of a spread.
  • He doesn’t like going from double to single. The trigger pull is not the same when you go from 1st to 2nd shot. Wishes the trigger pull was the same each time. Prefers this to a Beret tho. 
  • It’s a little big and heavy. Feels heavy.
  • Incredibly short and crisp reset. Great trigger!
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGG54-xaxrU

Glock 19 Gen 5

  • Simplest gun to take apart and clean.
  • Easiest gun to find replacement parts for at your local store.
  • Easiest gun to modify after you buy it.
  • Has a speed loader that helps load it fast.
  • Hard to find one with a crisp break. Hard to tell where the wall is.
  • They like how the front is tapered now.
  • Gen 5 is good for people with average size hands. Much better compared to Gen 4.
  • People don’t like the smooth finish on the top. They don’t like how it’s not easy to pull the clip out easily. Gen 4 is his favorite, but Gen 5 isn’t bad. Shoots fine. Operates fine. He doesn’t like the beveled magwell. 
  • They like the Gen 5 slide lock / slide release versus Gen 4 and before.
  • Glocks have a great track record. Crisp and audible break and reset.
  • People like the lack of finger groves going from Gen 4 to Gen 5.
  • 19X slide has more of a matte finish and thus you can get a better hold of it. “My go to battle pistol”
  • Holds 16 rounds
  • He prefers the trijicon night sights. Trijicon HD XRs is what he used in the video.
  • Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUgN60kyv8s 
  • Online Comments:
    • “Besides being affordable, there are no positives I’ve ever liked about Glocks…. except their magazines. They’re boring looking, I don’t like the feel in my hand and would rather save and buy something made a bit better.”
    • Some people like the more 1911 grip/angle version versus the Glock grip angle. It’s more natural for them.
    • “I’ve shot both but I own the 19x. Something about the internal simplicity of a Glock, not to mention they way it feels in my hands. Magazine and holster compatibility is a major factor as well”
    • “I am a glock guy because that’s what I cut my teeth on but I will say this, the 509 is a sexy pistol very nice. I had picked up a 19x about a month ago and gotta say, it’s the flattest shooting block and just tracks so nice. I would take the 19x yo battle, ego aside i would still take the glock 19x if i could only have one.”
    • “Favorite size handgun EVER!”

Glock FN509 Tactical

  • 9MM bullets
  • Can carry 24 but 17 is the normal
  • Good for adding “red dots” to the top. Milled for a Red Dot.
  • Feels a little top heavy compared to a Glock 19.
  • Not the cleanest “take up” but the break is crisp and audible. The reset is the same. Very crisp and audible.
  • People feel the FN509 offers so much more out of the box than a Glock 19. A tad more expensive, but worth it.
  • “Night sites, threaded barrel and optic ready… I like Glocks, but this is a no brainer.”
  • The FN is a looker vs plain old Glock.
  • The red dot makes it so you can shoot with both eyes open. Not right for open carry tho as the red dot will always be on and the battery dies,
  • PRICE: Glock 19x = $ 600
  • Slide milling for Red Dot = $ 200+
  • Aftermarket Threaded Barrel = $ 150+
  • Tritium Suppressor Sights = $ 100+
  • TOTAL = 1,050 (at least)
  • And the FN will still have better grips, two extended magazines, front slide serrations and rear sight protection.
  • The Glock clearly has the aftermarket advantage, but there’s almost nothing to upgrade on this FN. The only upgrade I would consider would be a new Apex trigger.
  • I am a Glock guy, but the 509 Tactical is clearly a better deal if you want to run a Red Dot, a supressor/compensator or both. I will probably “upgrade” from my tricked out Glock 19 to a FN 509 Tac or a CZ P10c Optic Ready.
  • I’m torn between going to the FN 509 family or CZ P10 family! Both seem great, but CZ leads the way with 3 size all available with factory optic ready.
  • “If you end up getting a light. Get the Inforce APLc. It’s perfect, found it at Walmart online for $84. 200 lumens. Weighs 2.5 bullets.”
  • “FN509T is awesome. Currently the best OEM multiple red dot ready platform, suppressor height sights, true ambi controls, 2 X 24 rd mags plus 17 rounder, threaded CHF barrel, superior ergos, front slide serrations. Trigger is so so out of the box. Blows the 19x away.”
  • “The trigger is very nice and lighter than I’m used to”
  • “The FN 509 Tactical comes with more features and goodies out of the box, but I’m choosing Glock based on price. Cheap gun, cheap mags, cheap parts. And it comes apart with two pins. And ZERO tools. Glock all day for me.”
  • “Because of ergonomics, and the removable, beefed-up slide rails, I FN love the FN !”
  • “The 509 has some reliability issues. Especially when running it suppressed.”
  • “Just bought the fn509 tactical. Love it. Fit and finish is amazing compared to my m&p9 2.0c.”
  • “Shot both, I prefer the 19X by a large margin. It’s now my ccw. I HATE the hinged trigger on the 509 and it is not comfortable at all for ccw Damn thing pokes and prods a lot. I’m also more accurate with the 19x.”
  • “I shot both and bought the 19X. I think the 509T is heck of a gun but for the price difference I was able to buy a nice threaded barrel and a few 33 rd mags and ammo. I owned an FNX45
  • Tactical and the ergos were terrible for me. No comparison between it and my glocks for accuracy when shooting with my suppressor especially. I’m sure it was probably me since the glocks feel so good since I’ve been shooting they since the early 90’s, but the 19X was really sweet to me.”
  • “19X vs Tactical: Honestly it’d be down to personal preference and cost. Pick one or the other and you will be far from disappointed. Both really great shooters!!!”
  • If he had to choose one, he would choose the FN509 Tactical over the Glock 19: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ_wV1EMkEc 
  • Meant to be used with a suppressor (muffler). That’s why the sites are higher than the regular 509.
  • Thread protector on the end of the barrel screws off. Has an O ring so it won’t loosen up when you are shooting.
  • When you fire a LOT with a suppressor, you’ll find your gun gets really dirty and loosens as you shoot it. You also get blowback from the gun. Hard to do precision shooting with a suppressor.
    $1000 gun. Comes with 2 springs for 2 different types of ammo.


  • Online Comments:
    • “God forbid, but if you have multiple intruders in your home, are you still going to grab your low capacity 1911? If you suspect a intruder but are not certain, you still have to assume you will encounter more than one threat. Never reach for a 1911 for a home defense situation. Higher capacity is paramount rather than the caliber. I have all kinds of weapons but if i hear something in the middle of the night and im pressed for time, im reaching for a striker high capacity. (glock) Your life depends on the choice you make.”

M&P 2.0 Compact

  • The SIG P320’s trigger rivals that of the M&P 2.0’s, but that debate boils down to personal preference.
  • Frame is made of steel. 
  • People say it has the best grip texture (if it’s rough on you in the beginning, just take some 400 grit sandpaper to it).
  • Stock trigger is the worst, but the Apex Tactical Flat Face Trigger. See links. The stock trigger is not very smooth.
  • Easiest to shoot.
  • They thought this gun would be the Glock 19 killer. same size. Same height.
  • Feels more comfortable in your hand compared to the Glock 19. That’s what E says as well. That I will love how it feels in my hand.
  • 3 OZ heaver than a Glock 19.
  • Thicker slide than a Glock 19.
  • Less recoil because it’s heavier.
  • The full size M&P 2.0 Holds 17 rounds!
  • The trigger breaks further rearward than he prefers, but it’s not a deal breaker.
  • Good MID SIZE pistol
  • He says it’s got a 9 o’clock hold but he prefers a 6 o’clock hold.
  • Stainless steel slide.
  • M&P is more concealable than CZ due to shorter grip.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJnJeL7TmsI 


S&W 380 EZ Shield

  • Good defensive gun.
  • 2 ounces lighter than a 9 MM
  • Hammer fired vs striker fired.
  • Had a thing at the back that had to be pressed in to get it to fire: Grip Safety. A lot of people HATE grip safeties. Not like a 1911, but worked for me. Got to make sure you got a good grip on it for it to fire. 
  • Good for up close firing. 
  • EZ = Easy to manipulate.
  • Really easy slide.
  • Extra catch on the back 
  • Really easy to take apart and clean.
  • Holds 8 rounds
  • Comes with safety or no safety
  • Good gun if you have arthritis. 
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXfmlh27iY0 

EDC Guns

  • Glock 19… sometimes/rarely a G43
  • My personal thought and feeling, based off of my personal training and knowledge, is that your EDC should be no smaller than a Glock43 format.

Pocket Pistols

  • Good for home defense and conceal and carry.
  • Good for shooting 7-10 yards. Most self-defense engagements are going to be at close range, and over quickly.
  • This is not a gun you carry into battle (not as a primary weapon anyway).
  • “The only people that should know I’m carrying are me, and my family.”
  • I’m really fond of the ability to just slip a holstered gun into a pocket and not worry about it printing or dragging my pants down. 

Gun Parts and Terms

  • ACTUATE: Releasing of the slide back into place after it has chambered a bullet.
  • CCW: Concealed Carry Weapon.
  • EDC: Every Day Carry. The gun you carry on you every day and everywhere you go. 
  • SERRATIONS: The indentations that allow you to get a hold on the slide.
  • SLIDE: The top part that slides back and forth.
    • Some slides are really hard to work.
  • RACK THE SLIDE: pull it back to get a bullet in the chamber.
  • FRAME: The part you hold in your hand.
  • SUPPRESSOR: The part that goes on the front to
  • SIGHTS: The parts on the top that help you find your target.
  • TAKE UP: How easily the trigger pulls back.
  • TAKE DOWN: How easy or hard it is to take it apart.
  • WALL: Where you reach the wall before the break.
  • BREAK: How clean the trigger is at firing. When the trigger actually fires the bullet.
  • RESET: How easily the trigger goes back to where it started.
  • RECOIL: How much the gun kicks back after you fire it.
    • The heavier the gun, the less the recoil.
  • UNDERCUT: a little extra area between the trigger and handle.
  • BARREL: Where the bullet travels down.
  • MILLING: where they remove a little bit of the metal.
  • PICK RAIL: The underside of the front of the gun, in front of the trigger area, that can hold a light.
  • TEXTURED GRIP:  Helps control the gun when it recoils.


  • Olight



LCP II 380 Gun

Ruger LCP 2 380 Gun

Unlike a lot of other pocket pistols, the LCP II is really a joy to practice with. It shoots well, the new sights are a massive improvement over the original’s, and the extra width really makes the gun easier to grip if you have a fairly large palm like I do. It has an amazing trigger in comparison tho the LCP1. However, the LCP1 is outstanding for what it is and though the trigger pull is long, it’s pretty good with practice. And not liable to go off in pocket which is a great thing. Only holds 6+1 rounds though. Only costs about $250.

  • “I love my .380 LCP 2. Keep it in my glove box and slide it in my pocket if necessary. My phone takes up more room in my pocket than it.”
  • “I’ve got my LCP II already and I can confirm how good that new trigger is. My favorite 380 pocket pistol now, hands down. Put 50 rounds through it so far with no issues. I put Hornady Customs and Browning BXPs through mine along with a lot of Ball ammo. It had zero failures. The LCP2 shoots so much better than the original. It is just a much better firearm.”
  • “I’ve carried an LCP for quite a few years now. Love the weight and the size, it is great for deep cover carry in the pocket or waistband on a hot summer day.”
  • “Love mine. Pocket carry with included holster. Red dot sight and hammer. Shoots well with a proper grip. Bought two extra clips. Use neomag.”
  • “This is MUCH SMALLER than the Glock 43”
  • “I wouldn’t buy the LCP 2 because of the trigger. This is a pocket gun, just makes it less safe to carry,,,”
  • “This is a backup gun at best and that’s a big stretch. The Shield is better.”
  • “I own both the 1 & 2, and honestly i prefer the original. The new trigger is too light for a cc gun.”



Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun

  • 18″ barrel. 7.8 pounds. Auto regulating gas operated system with self cleaning pistons.
  • The Achilles heel to a lot of semi-auto shotguns is reliability. Usually the plastic cartridges fail, not the gun.
  • Marines say it’s ultra reliable and durable. Very accurate! 200 yards and beyond accuracy! Very low recoiling thanks to piston system. 
  • One of the cleanest semi-auto shooting shotguns. This is because of the piston system, which results in it not shooting as much debris and dirt out the back.
  • He owned the VersaMax shogun and liked that a little bit better.
  • Tactical shotguns are usually shorter in the length to pull as you are trying to use it around doors and buildings.
  • Accessories are very expensive on this gun.
  • Coolest shotgun out there tho! In lots of movies. 
  • $1800 to $2000, but you’ll want to pay more for the mag tube extension to hold more cartridges. 
  • Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9ueKT0D-5I
  • He loves the pistol grip.
  • He’s going to pimp it out later tho.
  • This shotgun is gas operated.
  • Magazine tube holds 5 rounds.
  • 18″ barrel. Feels like you’re shooting a rifle.
  • Marines have been using it for 20+ years.
  • Tactical has adjustable stock
  • Follower doesn’t pinch down when you load the ammo.
  • Benelli M4 H2O Tactical Semi-Auto Shotgun
    • The Benelli® M4 Tactical shotgun has been battle-proven for reliability around the world by the U.S. Marine Corps since 1998. The Benelli M4 H2O semi-auto shotgun is the same M4 Tactical, enhanced with a Titanium Cerakote® finish for increased corrosion resistance and durability. The barrel, receiver, magazine tube, bolt and many internal parts are coated with either titanium or black Cerakote.
  • Trigger feels like the 1911 for him. No take up. Just a clean, crisp break.
  • He loves the esthetics. 
  • Comments:
    • The Argo gas system kicks ass. Handles light target loads to high brass flawlessly. Just take the pistons out and oil then wipe everything down well. Replace the fore grip with a tri picatinny rail and throw some furniture on with a nice holo on and u have a sturdy home defense/ bear/ clay pigeon/ etc gun. From slugs to birdshot, It suits ur needs.
    • Got my M4 H2O version 10 years ago. I still like it as much as the day i bought it. Very reliable and the recoil is much less than most shotguns due to the ARGO system. no other shotgun even comes close
    • Love that pistol grip! Very easy to handle in close quarters, yet the stock does not compromise stability for a ‘down the hall’ shot when u need it.
    • The Benelli M4 is amazing. I’ve got one in desert camo, and it’s just a beast. Especially with an extended tube and breech plug.
    • I love mine.. I have the H20. Looking for the collapsing stock. I have a std. stock. The stock is long for some and if you wear body armor, it’s nice to have adjustment. Added items, tactical light, door breach compensator and side saddle ammo holder. Adding the 7 round tube and will allow me to ghost load with 9 rounds. Fun to shoot slugs at the range. Loudest guy in the place.
    • I put on a tactical bolt release and charging handle.
  • Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz_qicBf1GY
    • Excels with heavy loads like slugs and buckshot. It can struggle with lighter loads though (i.e. Walmart bulk federal). Defensive loads (buckshot & slugs) should load just fine.
    • 8.5 pounds vs 6.7 pounds for the Beretta 1301 Tactical.
    • Designed for military to use. USMC use it. 
    • M4 loading gate can bite you, but the 1301 won’t.
    • M4 punches more with lighter loads compared to 1301, but with heavy defensive loads the M4 absorbs that kick better. Some is due to weight and some is due to argo system.
    • You can get magazine extenders added on.
    • He uses an Aridus Industries optic.
    • M4 starts with 5 round tubular magazine.
    • Get a sling mount so you can carry it around.
    • He has a Midwet Industries mount on his M4.
    • M4 is the most durable for shooting round after round after round. Made for military after all.
    • Reviews
      • I Love my shotgun! Love it! I bought the version without the pistol grip, upgraded the safety to a larger safety and put in a lighter spring for the trigger pull (From 7 to around 4.2 pounds). I changed the rail to a Scalarworks rail and Added a Trijicon RMR 6.5 MOA red dot. I also put velcro on the side and use a esstac shotgun card. on the port side I have added a matchsaver. I shoot it probably 6 times a year mostly in 2-4 day defensive type courses. I dry practice weekly. Prior to purchasing I had no other experience with Shotguns, This has smooth mounts and feels good. Most people that don’t care shoot slugs through the choke that comes on the gun, but if you read the documentation it says to use a different choke for slugs. So I use a cylinder choke for slugs and buckshot. I use this gun in 3-gun and Super Steel challenge. Signing up to take a Clay birds class with it, just bought a new choke for that purpose. If there is any doubt, buy once, cry once. Did I mention I LOVE this shotgun!!!
  • Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7IcIpxFaLU
  • Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CojZybqOylc
  • Review: https://www.pewpewtactical.com/benelli-m4-review/
  • Accessories

Beretta 1301 Comp Shotgun

  • 12 gauge shotgun.Gas operated.
  • Soft recoil. Super reliable. 
  • Good for home defense and on the range. 
  • You can add a co-witness ready optic mount (CROM) for red dot optic.
  • 7+1 rounds possible. 5+1 rounds in standard gun.
  • 35% faster cycling cycling than anything on the market.
  • Not an easy way to add a light to the bottom of the shotgun.
  • Has aggressive checkering to get a good hold on it.
  • 13″ pull but they have an extra 1″ expander.
  • 6.3 pounds
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBmuPQGX1vg
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2hbmGIyZ2c (this is his favorite shotgun)
  • Comments:
    • “I’m seeing a lot of comments on here about the 5 round magazine or not being able to attach a flashlight. That being said, Nordic Components makes a two shell magazine extension and a barrel clamp for that extension with a rail section on one side (for that flashlight) and a QD socket on the other. And if you want a pistol grip, Mess Tactical has that covered. I’ve had my 1301 Tactical for several years now, and I absolutely love it.”


  • You can put a 30 round magazine in it, but it kicks like a mule.

Remington 870 Tactical 

  • 12 gauge
  • Silky smooth compared to the regular 870
  • Has a flashlight on it. Sure hand forehand. It’s right where your hand goes.
  • Scatter Gun Technologies worked on this gun. Wilson Combat also does a great job. SUPER SMOOTH.
  • Has a pistol grip on it. 
  • Get a side saddle for having extra shells.
  • Black Hawk adjustable stock.
  • Mesa Tactical Stock Pistol Grip. Has a recoil reduction tube system. Dissipates the recoil.
  • Get the Shurfire light on the front.
  • Ghost ring night sites with a tiridium front.
  • Source:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_xgB3OAQbQ 
  • Maverick 88 is a cheaper alternative

Mosberg 500 Tactical

  • Lives right next to your bed. Great home defense gun. 20″ barrel.
  • $350 price point
  • It’s like launching a grenade. They kick like a mule. 
  • Safety is up on top unlike the Remington 870.
  • Some people like adding the Blackhawk Breachers Grip Pistol Grip Shotgun Stock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hlykGQ7nM0
  • Some people like adding a rail and a red dot on top. Primary Arms Micro Dot with Removable Base. Don’t need the red dot at close range, but at 50 yards, this gives you good accuracy. 
  • Add a surefire light at the front. 
  • Add an Esstac Shotgun Card to the side. This gives you 6 in the gun and 7 on the side.
  • The lower the # in shotgun shells, the bigger the pellets. #4 Double Opt Buck is THE BEST SHELL for home defense.

Mosberg 590 Shockwave

  • 14.5″ barrel and small grip on the back. 
  • Small, compact and easy to pick up and use quickly.
  • 5+1 capacity. Build on the 590 frame.
  • Without the shoulder stock you can’t hold it like a conventional shotgun. They expect you to shoot from the hip with this and your aim is just going to be terrible. 
  • Mostly useless according to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlBKWYOxzMY

Mossberg 590 A1

Mosberg 930

  • Semi Automatic. Non need to pump the gun.
  • Short barrel makes it perfect for using in the home. 
  • Very simplistic shotgun. 

Kel Tec KSG Shotgun

  • Can hold up to 22 rounds! Bad ass looking. More punishing tho.

Remington Versa Max Tac



Refile For Beginners

  • Ruger 1022: 22 ammo, very low recoil
  • Winchester 1873: 16″ lever action, 357 ammo (but you could also go with 44), legal in every state, slick action, you can also shoot cheaper 38 specials through it, perfect for teenagers. Every person can use it. No scary features like with AR15s. It can fit 17 rounds.

Refiles For Home Defense

  • Less advisable if you live in an urban area as it can easily shoot through your neighbors house. 
  • SPR is good for maneuvering through a house, but the 556 bullet can still travel through neighbor houses. “OVER PENETRATION” is the issue.




6 Features of a Home Defense Shotgun

  • Get a short barrel. 18″ to 20″ long
  • Get a short butt stock with a length of pull between 12 and 13 inches. He showed the MACPUL SGA Stock in the video.
  • Get a magazine tube extension. 5-6 in the tube should be plenty.
  • Have spare ammo on the gun. Get a good shell carrier.
  • If the shotgun has a rail on top, you can easily add an aimpoint red dot.
  • Make sure you can add a light. Surefire Forend Weaponlight. 
  • Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8pWkGJg2Vw (he uses the 1301 in the video)

Gun Range Tests

  • M&P 380 EZ Shield
    • I shot this with my instructor the first day.
  • M&P 2.0 Compact (get Apex Trigger)
    • I shot really well with this gun. Hard getting bullets into the mag tho.
    • “Very accurate and fast for the money”
  • CZ P10c
    • I shot really well with this gun too. Shot the most with this one. 
  • Glock 19X
    • First gun I shot. I didn’t really like it. My aim wasn’t so good. The guy behind the counter said you need to hold it differently than other guns.
  • Glock FN509
    • Haven’t tested yet
  • GLock FN509 Tactical
    • Haven’t tested yet
  • Sig Sauer P229
    • Haven’t tested yet

E Advice

  • “You can’t go wrong with either Glock 19X or Tactical. I’m more of a go to war gun type of guy so I’d always stick with my M9A3 if i would ever go to war LOL but Civilian type more concealable Sig P228 and S&W Shield 9mm In summers.”
  • Your instructor had you firing a .380? Just go 9mm. Way more ubiquitous. Sorry, you get what you feel comfortable with. He probably wanted you to start with something low recoil. In 9mm, try a CZ P10c or for really super low recoil, a CZ SP-01 shadow.”
  • P229 Legion: Buy Once, Cry Once. Dog for showing off. SigSauer gun.”
  • M&P 2.0 Compact: Good for prepping / SHTF.”


Had me shoot the following guns, which online they cal POCKET PISTOLS:

  • M&P 380 EZ Shield GunS&W M&P 380 EZ Shield (small but still rated for professional duty)
  • Similar guns are as follows:
    • Ruger LCP II (smaller than the Glock 43) small concealable
    • Ruger LC9
    • Glock 42/43
    • Sig P238

.380 vs 9mm

A larger caliber (9mm) generally means a larger gun, which is harder to conceal, but easier to shoot. Even the best shooters can struggle to quickly shoot a hot 9mm round out of such a small gun. The .380 chambering makes follow-up shots and rapid fire a much easier prospect with this gun.

5 Best Shooting Pistols

  • #1: 2011 (double stack 1911) / 1911. 5″ single action pistol. 22 to 27 rounds. 1911 has 7-10 round capacity. World renowned ergonomics which gives you low recoil. The single action trigger makes it the best gun on the market. Extremely light gun. 1/3 to 1/5 lighter trigger than pretty much every other gun on the market. 50 ounce gun! $1500 to $1700 all the way up to $4000 to $5000!
  • #2: Best shooting double action: CZ Shadow 2. It’s a 5″ 9mm double action single action that has a 17+1 capacity. Comes with a fiber optic with a blacked out rear. 46.5 ounces. It shoots as good or better than any gun in the world at a reasonable price. Comes with a great trigger. Very low recoil due to weight. $1000 basic and $1600 to $1800 for accushadow version. But it’s money well spent!
  • #3: Polymer frame pistol: Archon Type B: Small enough to carry, about the size of a Glock 19, but it shoots like a full size pistol. Striker fire pistol. Holds 15 9mm rounds. Weighs about 30 ounces. $900. The grip isn’t the best. 
  • #4: Best shooting striker fire pistol: PPQ Steel Frame Match. Best trigger of any polymer pistol. The steel frame lowers the recoil. Polymer guns are hard to shoot accurately at speed due to the amount of recoil. 5″ barrel. 42 ounces making it about the same weight as a 1911. Downside is mag size and price. $1500 to $1800. 
  • #5: Polymer Pistol: CZ P10F. Full size version of the P10C. 4.5″ barrel. Controls recoil and is very accurate. Shoot very fast and accurately. $400 to $500. 
  • Online comments:
    • “CZ is more reliable, the 1911 more customizable, also the CZ is cheaper and easier to maintain.”
    • “Making a reliable 1911 is very hard to do.”
  • Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anppImBKrdI (Jun 2019)

5 Best SHTF Guns

  1. AR-15 in 223. This is the most popular rifle in America. This is the most effective intermediate caliber rifle on the market. Pretty reliable, very very accurate, easy to use, low recoil and do a good deal of damage between 0-200 yards, but still effective up to 500 yards. Choose the 11.5 barrel because it has a lot less weight and helps shoot up to 300 yards. Get a QD mounted suppresser as the AR-15 is LOUD!
  2. Glock 34, which is basically a Glock 17 with a longer barrel. Glock 17 is the most popular gun int he world. Use same magazine in your Banshee. No manual safety to worry about. They work when covered in mud, water, sand, etc. 
  3. Any type of pistol caliber carbine that has the same magazines as your side arm, such as the 9mm CMMG Banshee. Uses Glock magazines, which is the most common magazine around the world, and is reasonably priced at around $1000. 9mm is a quiet bullet too.
  4. AK47: Caliber 762 by 39 because it is the most popular caliber. Doesn’t need much cleaning. Not as accurate as an AR15. 556 is the most common ammo, but the magazines are expensive and hard to find in the US.
  5. Beretta M9 / 92: Accurate, very low recoil, hold 16 rounds, double single action making it good for new shooters to carry. Go for the G model with the de-cocker instead of the safety because you don’t want to accidentally hit the slide mounted safety.
  6. Honorable Mention: Ruger 10/22, which is the most popular 22 on the market. It is very reliable, very accurate and very easy to use with absolutely no recoil so you can fire off a 50 round drum very quickly. Very low power.
  7. Best Shotgun: Remington 870 or the Mossberg 500. Both are very reliable and proven designs. 12 gauge ammo is everywhere and it has incredible stopping power. The Benelli M4 and other reliable auto shotguns work as well. Shotguns usually only hold 5-8 rounds and the ammo is very heavy. 
  8. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo0IoKQUrfk (Feb 2019)

5 Guns He Wishes He Didn’t Buy

  1. Century Arms Ultra 87 12GA: Cheap Chinese copy of a Remington 870.
    1. Better shotguns are the Mosberg Maverick, Mosberg 500 or Remington 870. You’ll be able to hand those down to your kids!
  2. DPMS G2 Recon 308: Not very accurate, hell of a recoil and malfunctions often.
    1. A better gun is the S&W M&P
  3. Remington RP9: A huge piece of crap, like most Remington guns that have taken a crap over the last 10 years. Terrible grip too. Spongy trigger as well.
    1. Better comparable guns are the Glock PPQ, Sig XD or CZ S&W.
  4. Kahr CW 380: pocket pistol. Feather weight at 10 ounces, but keeps getting jammed. So tiny that it will probably only fit in your grandma’s hands.
    1. Better 380 pocket pistols are the Ruger LCP, Glock 42 or the very awesome Sig P238.
  5. Taurus 608 357 Mag: buy a Ruger or S&W instead. Buy once, cry once.
  6. Kel Tec PF-9: very light weight and cheap, but the recoil is so bad that you can’t shoot it effectively.
  7. Wilson Combat Ultra Light Carry 9mm: $4K. Reliability not so good. Bad resale value.
  8. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCjbgpSq38Y




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