Gynocentrism is the dominant or exclusive focus on women. If your society is dominated by women or emphasize feminine interests or a feminine point of view, you live in a gynocentric society.

The West Is 100% Gynocentric

The easiest way to tell if America and the west is gynocentric is to look at birth control. If a woman lies about being on birth control, in order to get the rich guy to knock her up so she can get 18 years of child support and a nice payday, no crime has been committed and the man is now responsible for raising and / or paying for the child to be raised. If a man lies about birth control, such as by saying he’s wearing a condom, but he’s really not, that is considered RAPE and he will be arrested and charged. It’s total bullshit! It’s not equal or fair at all. When women do it, no crime has been committed. When a man does it, the man is a rapist.