Oh no, the population is declining!

Who will buy property? I guess we’ll just have to lower real estate prices. What a nightmare.

Who will pollute the oceans and create landfills? I guess we’ll just have to watch pollution decrease. What a nightmare.

Who will work unskilled jobs if there aren’t enough people to do them? I guess we’ll just have to increase wages. What a nightmare.

With a smaller population comes more tightly knit communities. Who will commit crimes? What a nightmare.

Cheaper real estate, less pollution, higher wages, less crime. How will the world survive?!!!

Globalists want to bring in AS MUCH cheap labor as they can so that they can keep wages low and sell real estate at higher and higher prices. this is due to basic economics. The more people you have competing for a finite number of jobs, the higher the competition for said jobs and thus the lower the salary. Same goes for real estate. The more buyers you have, the more demand for real estate and the higher the prices for said real estate will be.

In the United States, Democrats advocate and fight for more and more immigrants so they can get them on welfare and thus get them tied financially to the democratic party. “Keep voting for democrats and we’ll keep giving you free shit! Vote for the Republicans that want individual freedom and responsibility, and your welfare will get cut.” Welfare is cancer.