Why institutional racism is a myth

Statistics indicate black Americans are not targeted by police.


JUNE 5, 2020

URL: https://www.lifezette.com/2020/06/why-institutional-racism-is-a-myth/

Why institutional racism is a myth


Proof Institutional Racism Is A Lie & America Is Not Racist

If institutional racism in America was real, then…

  1. Why did 2 million black Africans move to America over the last 10 years?
  2. Why does the left have to make up fake hate crimes?
    1. Jessie Smollett is a perfect example.
  3. Why does the left have to search so hard to find racism that when they can’t find it they call non-racist actions “micro-aggressions”? I.E. That white guy didn’t make eye contact with me as we walked past each other. That’s a micro-aggression! He’s obviously racist.”
  4. There is so little racism in America that they have to go back 135 years to when slavery still existed in America. Or 60 years ago when Jim Crow laws in the deep South ended.
  5. Why are there so many blacks in power if America is truly a racist nation of white supremacists?
  6. And if America really was a nation of white supremacy, then how could we have had a black president? That got voted in twice?!
  7. Asians make more money that white people. How come they are allowed to come to power and make that money if this is truly a white supremacist nation?