And we know that McCain was hilldawg’s messenger to the muslims that ran the CIA ISIS Operation. Knowing how easily McStain spilled his guts to the NVA Hitlerly knew he had to go to sleep after the Baghdad murders

Ohio Governor Kasich Says John McCain Was Put To Death

Longer version of the interview

Did he misspeak?

He meant what he said. You’re telling yourself a lie so you don’t have to come to a true realization that your government is killing its own politicians in secret and telling the public they died a death completely unrelated that won’t tie the government to an obvious murder that was done by injection. The “deep state” or the shadow government killed Bush Sr. by injection as well because of his close involvement with killing at the time, sitting President John F Kennedy.

Megan McCain said in the view, “What are they going to do, kill him again?”

Maybe a slip up…maybe not.

Q did not say that McCain was executed! Q implied that McCain chose to commit suicide rather than face trial for treason, and it was also implied that McCain was given a deadline to make that choice.

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Flag on Casket

If you look at a clip from his funeral, the flag draped over his casket is wrinkled. That means dishonor. The flag is always perfect.

Here’s where they talk about how the flag MUST BE free of wrinkles!

Here they try to disprove it:

Mark Taylor: John McCain Was Executed By A Military Tribunal