Alpha: A guy who women want to fuck just for the pleasure of his company. He’s good looking, he has good genes. Women’s pussies get wet just at the sight of him. He doesn’t need to offer anything else. He’s just attractive and women want to fuck him.

Beta: A beta is a guy who has to have money or utility in order to get women to be attracted to him. This is like a lot of celebrities. Women wouldn’t fuck him if he was just some guy on the street, but when they find out he’s famous, they’ll fuck him because he’s famous. A lot of betas turn to being a Beta Cuck to try to increase their value. A Beta Cuck is the perfect divorce bait for a women because the Beta Cuck has money and he’s nice. So he’s the perfect mark for a woman to marry, divorce and take all his assets and future income in the form of alimony and child support! Don’t be a Beta Cuck! You can be an Alpha / Beta, but NEVER be a Beta Cuck!

Cuck: A Cuck is a guy that is neither rich, famous, has utility or attractive. He has nothing to offer. So the only thing he has to offer is being a nice guy.

MGTOW Quotes

“Remember, she’s not your girl. It’s just your turn.”

“The only time you ever met an honest woman is at the end of a relationship. Then you see the real person, because that’s when she has nothing to lose, so she takes off the gloves and tries to beat you Fight Club style.”

Reasons Not To Get Married

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Red Pill Knowledge For Men

  1. Society encourages and rewards hypergamy. In western society, women are told by their friends, family members and the guy that is trying to steal them away from the current guy that they “can do better”. I experienced this first hand in my now defunct marriage. My ex-wife would complain to her friends about the things I did and how I acted (“He runs every weekend instead of spending all his time with me”) and they would tell her that she can do soooo much better. They actively encouraged her to seek out a better mate! Her therapist did the same thing! They actively encouraged her to end her marriage and find a new, better partner. This is not the case for men. You rarely hear a man telling another man that he should dump his girlfriend or wife because he can do better. Keep this in mind as you date and get in relationships. Remember that no matter how good looking you are, no matter how much money you have in the bank and how much more money you will make in the future, no matter how much out of debt you got her, no matter how much of your time and energy you have dedicated to her success, she will leave you in a HEARTBEAT when the next best guy shows interest. What do you do with this information? Adhere 100% to the tips below, including never tell her you love her, never buy her anything, never commit to a relationship with her, never cohabitate with her, never get married, never have kids, etc. If you really want a women to fuck you and desire you, you need to treat her as if she is below you. You need to feed into her hypergamy that you are better than her by treating her the way you would treat someone you didn’t want to fuck because they were too ugly. Do that, treat her like crap, and she’ll want to fuck you all day! This is how hypergamy works.
  2. Women of different age brackets act differently. When girls are 16 to 25, they are enjoying all the male attention and learning they can sleep with anyone they want. It’s a massive power trip for them and they LOVE it! They pursue bad boys and alpha male jerks and get off on the fact that they can fuck these guys. A perfect example of this is a coworker I had who complained that her husband was always annoying her with his requests for sex, but that when she was 22 she fucked a male stripper in front of all her friends and that it was so much fun that she’d do it again even today. What?! To a man, that makes no sense. Why would she fuck a stripper in front of her friends, but wants nothing to do with her husband?! Women in the age bracket of 16-25 aren’t often thinking hypergamously yet. More often than not, it’s only when they start thinking about starting a family as their biological clock starts ticking and they get “baby rabies” that they start looking for beta male providers, rather than hot alpha male bad boy jerks that only want to fuck. This age bracket is often from 26 to 35. This is the age bracket where they “settle” for a “nice guy” that they can use to secure children, assets and income. As soon as they have the children they want from the man, they will often initiate divorce to be free from him, but keep all his assets and income in the form of alimony and child support. These men are known as Beta Male Providers.
  3. When women say they want a “nice guy” it’s not what you think! When women say they want a “nice guy”, what they mean is they want a NICE LOOKING GUY. They don’t mean that they want to be treated nice or as equals. They still want to be dominated and told what to do, but they want it to come from a nice looking guy. When you come across as being “nice” and helpful and filling their bucket, it makes them think you are below them in status which makes their pussies dry up. They are NOT attracted to nice guys! Get that through your heads gentlemen!
  4. Never be nice to women or do favors for them. Nothing will put you in the friend zone faster and you can NEVER get out once you are there! If she asks you to help her move or to give her a ride or loaning her money, say “Nope! I only do that for the women I’m fucking. Are we fucking?” They’ll say no and then you’ll have your answer. As an example, one night my soon to be ex-wife asked me to PLEASE go get her ice cream. I knew I shouldn’t since she already told me she wanted a divorce, but like a chump I went anyway and got her ice cream. We ate it together on the couch and then she said “good night!” and went up to our bedroom, locked the door and went to bed. Later, when I found her journal, I read the entry from that night and she literally wrote, “I’m repulsed by him!” Her husband…who loved her very much…but who knew they were getting a divorce…went and got her ice cream and that further cemented for her how REPULSED she was by me. FUUCCCKKK! I was so naive and stupid! Don’t let this EVER happen to you gentlemen. Women respect and want to fuck the guys that are jerks to them and do nothing for them! Be that guy dammit! When you do “nice things” for women, it signals to them that you are below them. That you wish you were in strata and thus you’ll do ANYTHING, from help them move, to loan them money, to give them a ride, to try to get to their level. A man that is above their status would clearly NOT do these things for a girl, forcing her to use sex to try to get him and thus raise herself up to his status level. Let all the “ice guys” buy her dinner and then meet up with her afterward for sex.
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  5. Never be a woman’s emotional tampon! Women use men as their emotional tampons. They want people to listen to their non-stop bullshit and then go off and fuck other guys. Don’t be the guy they call and just “talk” to. Instead, be the guy that they want to fuck. Don’t make yourself available for hours and hours to chat about absolutely fucking nothing! It’s a waste of your time and your life. Unfortunately, women tell their husbands that they want to be listened to and that equals feeling close to the husband which will eventually translate into intimacy. Speaking from personal experience, that’s BULLSHIT! They THINK that’s what will happen, and that’s what they’ve been told in popular media, magazines and movies, but reality is the opposite. Women that are FUCKING men aren’t looking to them to be their emotional tampons. They’re looking for great sex. Be the guy they call for sex, and NOT the guy they call to chat for hours and hours with no return on investment. Hangout with chicks AFTER you have sex with them, not before. Feel free to talk with them for 30 to 60 minutes AFTER you’ve fucked. But you have to establish that you’re only hanging out with her because you want to fuck, not because you’re looking for a buddy to hang out with. Girls get gay guys to be their friends to chat to about male issues. Are you gay? You are basically communicating to her that you are if you let her USE you for free attention and conversation without getting anything in return. If she’s a girl you can call up and get feedback on what a girl you are dating is doing, then OK, I’ll make an exception, but just make sure you are getting some back in return and go into the friendship knowing what you plan on getting in return for your time and attention.
  6. Women will often try to secure your future resources by getting pregnant on purpose. My girlfriend in college conveniently “forgot” to take her birth control pill for 12 days in a row and was now late. No one forgets to take birth control for 12 fucking days in a row! She did it on purpose to try and get pregnant so I wouldn’t leave her and would continue to help her pay for shit she wanted. That shit right there is fucked up! And I’m not alone. When you have sex with a girl and you use a condom, be sure to FLUSH that condom down the drain, because it is not uncommon for a women to take the condom out of the trash after you leave and scoop your jiz out and insert it into her pussy to try and get pregnant so that she can have the kid she wants and you’ll have to give her money for the kid for the rest of the kids life! Think I’m making this shit up? Google it gentlemen!
  7. Men want sex and women want resources. That’s really how simple things are. Men crave sex and women provide that sex in exchange for resources: consumer goods, commitment and marriage, and your financial nest egg when they divorce you. Women “fall in love” with men based on how much money and resources they have. I.E. What job they have, how much money they make, what car they drive, how many homes do they own, etc. They want a financially stable man that will be able to provide them with all the comforts in life so they can have a baby that man pays for, all in exchange for sex. Unfortunately, the laws have changed over the last 50 years so that if you do make the mistake of getting married, she can take almost everything from you and you have no recourse. Plus, once you are married, she can turn the sex off completely and there is nothing you can do. Complain and you get even less sex. Leave and she takes the majority of your assets and future income in the form of alimony and child support. Women view men as a utility to provide them with the lifestyle they want.
  8. Women are chameleons and bait and switch experts. Women ask lots of questions when you first start courting them to find out what you view as the “perfect woman” and then they’ll become exactly what you’re looking for in order to secure your commitment in order to gain access to your resources. If you tell them that you’re looking for a woman that likes horseback riding and surfing, then they’ll tell you they LOVE doing those things and immediately go out and take the necessary lessons to be able to show you in the future just how capable they are. I met a woman recently at Burning Man that told me that her last boyfriend was an avid rock climber and that she took lessons so she could go rock climbing with him. She told me she loved rock climbing and that she joined a gym to stay in peak climbing shape. We then went to climb up a ladder to get to the 3rd floor of an art attraction there and she went as slow as molasses. She literally would go up one step and then stop for a full 2 seconds before continuing her climb to the next step. When we got to the 3rd floor, she clung to the railing like her life depended on it. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she had vertigo and that she always gets it when she climbs up things. WTF?! She’s afraid of heights, but pretended she liked rock climbing, took lessons and even joined a rock climbing gym in order to secure her last boyfriend, not because she enjoyed doing those things at ALL! Women do this for everything and anything if they think it will secure a man and his resources. It’s only after you fall in love, commit to them and marry them that you find out they HATE rock climbing and by then you can’t get rid of them without giving them 50% to 80% of your assets and retirement funds. You’re then fucked! True bait and switch. The same goes for sex. In the beginning, they’ll provide you with LOTS of sex and blowjobs, but as soon as you tell them you love them and commit to them, the frequency starts to drop. And as soon as you marry them, it drops even more! As my dad always said, “How do you cure a nymphomaniac? Marry her.” And if you have kids, your sex life will disappear! You’ll find yourself with 2 kids and wondering why you only get to have sex with your wife once a year and why she doesn’t even seem to care. Only then will you realize that you’ve been lied to and she used bait and switch to gain access to your resources.
  9. Women don’t love men the way men love women. Men “fall in love” with a woman thanks to our biology. We can’t stop thinking about them and want to be with them all the time. We want to make love to them everyday as it makes us feel so good to be with them and be intimate with them. Men are happy committing to one woman as long as the sex is good and happens frequently (i.e. every day or at least 3 times a week depending on how busy your life is). Women on the other hand, fall in love with your resources and future ability to financially provide for them. If you have $100K in the bank, own your own house and car and have a career that makes you $150K a year and is only getting better and better and bringing in more and more money every year, then you’ll find that women “fall in love with you” quite easily. If you’re a good looking guy, but rent an apartment, lease a car and have a job that only makes you $40K a year, then you’re going to find that very few women fall in love with you. And the ones that do are way below your sexual marketplace value. I.E. They’re fat and ugly and can’t do any better so some of your resources are better than none.
  10. Women want stable men with no problems to be their rock. Most women feel like their life is spinning out of control and want a man to be their rock and steady their lives. Because of this, a women will become completely uninterested in a man if he shares with her how shitty he feels his job is, how he feels self conscious about the 20 pounds he has gained since taking a desk job after college, how he worries about being able to pay off his student loan and credit card debt, how his health is declining in any way, etc. In fact, nothing drives a woman away faster than getting physically injured. As an example, one day I blew my nose so hard that I broke a capillary and the blood would just not stop flowing out of my nose! I was scared shitless! Why was soooooo much blood flowing out of my nose? How do I stop this? Did I just break an artery in my nose? Am I going to die? I turned to my wife for help and she told me to go to urgent care. I shared with her that I couldn’t drive with all the blood coming out of my nose and could she drive me? She grudgingly agreed, but I could tell she wasn’t happy about it. At the urgent care center we learned that they didn’t have the proper treatment needed to stop the bleeding and that we’d have to go to the local hospital emergency room to get the bleeding to stop. My wife was not happy about this and tried to convince me to just go back home and rest. WHAT?! The blood was flowing non-stop and urgent care told us to go to the hospital and she wants me to go home?! I didn’t understand at the time that getting physically injured makes you unattractive to a woman and thought she just didn’t understand how serious this was. After 2 hours in the emergency room and they still couldn’t get the bleeding to stop, she started yelling at me that she wanted to leave and that she was hungry and that being at the hospital was my idea and a dumb one at that, etc. I told her to get her shit together because her fucking wife needs her help. Eventually they got the bleeding to stop and we were able to leave. At the time, I thought she was just acting weird and didn’t understand that I could die, but now I know better. Now I know women don’t care about men the way we care about them. We want them to be safe and take care of them as we love them and want to have sex with them forever. Women only care about our health if it means they’ll continue to receive money from us. If our death means they’ll get all our assets and a life insurance payout, then often they could care less. Either way, you getting injured is a compete turn off for a woman as it shows her that you are weak and can’t protect and provide for her and biologically signals to her that it’s time to start looking for a new mate – one that is stronger and not physically injured so that her livelihood and children will be properly cared for.
  11. Never buy a woman anything. Buying shit for a woman, from something as simple as flowers to birthday presents to paying for her parking tickets, conveys the same thing that telling a woman you love her does, that she HAS you and that you aren’t going anywhere, so she can start cutting back the amount of sex she provides you with and start manipulating you for her entertainment. Always keep her guessing how much you actually care about her by NOT buying her stuff nor EVER telling her you love her. Instead, keep her guessing at how many other woman you are seeing. She will act pissed, but women love competition and drama, so she will work extra hard (sexually and in other ways) to try to win you over from all the other girls. Just remember, the moment you tell her you love her and start buying her shit, she’ll act super happy, but that’s only because she’s celebrating her victory and the fact thats he can now start winding down the amount of sex she provides you with.
  12. Never pay off a woman’s debts for her! She got in debt and she by fucking god can get out of it on her own. DO NOT be Captain Save A Ho! As soon as you pay that shit off, the chances that she’ll dump you are insanely high. I paid off my college girlfriend’s credit card debt to the tune of $6500 and we all know how well things went after that. She cheated on me with her ex-boyfriend so I would break up with her. Class act! And many years later, after I paid off my wife’s $30K in student loans, she almost IMMEDIATELY told me she wanted a divorce! And guess what? Student loan debt is the only debt that isn’t shared debt in case of a divorce. Fuck I was stupid! I was acting like a “nice guy” by doing what I thought a “good husband” should do and was blinded by love. Never again! Don’t let my stupid mistakes be your own gentlemen. NEVER pay off any of her debts! She got into them on her own and by fucking god she can get out of them on her own! That’s called equality of the sexes 🙂 Here’s a more in depth analysis of why you should never pay of a woman’s student loans:
  13. Never tell a woman you love her. Women use sex to get you emotionally tied to them so that you fall in love with them and do whatever they want you to. As soon as you tell her you love her, she knows she HAS you and she can start making unrealistic demands that no male friend would ever make and no sane man would ever agree to if he wasn’t “in love” and getting pussy. Once you are in love, the fear of having the pussy taken away from you will make you do and agree to the stupidest shit you can imagine. You’ll find yourself spending an entire week at your girlfriends parents house to win over her family because she demanded it and told you there would be no sex unless you came and were on your best behavior. Fuck that! Never tell them you love them and you will never have to deal with that shit.
  14. Never cohabitate with a woman. Your testosterone will drop 20%, your sex life will start to dissolve as she’ll realize that she HAS you and you’re not going anywhere and thus she no longer needs to sexually compete for your attention, the mystery will be gone, she’ll start taking you for granted and you’ll eventually end up roommates.
  15. Never marry a woman. You will lose 50% to 100% of your hard earned assets any time she wants to leave you. Plus, you’ll have to pay alimony and child support when she does leave you for another guy! I’m talking thousands to tens of thousands of dollars a month! Imagine you earn $100K and take 2 vacations a year to Hawaii. When she leaves you for another guy, you have to maintain the lifestyle she got used to in the marriage, which means you’re now paying for her to take her new boyfriend to Hawaii twice a year while you’re stuck working 60-80 hours a week at more than 1 job in order to give her the money you MUST (or go to jail) and pay your own bills. You will get divorce raped, no matter what she or anyone else tells you. Once she talks to a lawyer or her friends and finds out how much money she will be getting and how she won’t have to deal with you anymore and can go back to fucking whoever she wants, she find a way to bastardize you to justify her decision. Think stupid shit like “He never listened to me! He always complained when we’d be at the mall for hours where I would spend his money! He expected me to have sex with him more than once a year!” Also, being single ensures you can get sex whenever you want it by going out on dates and to bars, unlike a married man in a sexless marriage. And if you were dumb enough to get married, there’s a 70% chance she will accuse you of domestic abuse in which case you’ll be kicked out of your own house, you’ll have to pay more alimony and child support and most likely never see your kids again. You might as well ghost and move to another fucking country! It’s just not worth it guys!!! DON’T GET MARRIED!
  16. Women want men that make more money than them. They want men that make more money than them so they can quit their jobs and be stay at home moms. THAT IS THEIR ULTIMATE PLAN FOR US! So, no matter what, never cohabitate, never get married and NEVER have kids or you’re fucked!
  17. Never have kids with a woman! The frequency of sex drops after you get married, but it literally drops off a CLIFF after the kids come! Biologically, her body is telling her to NOT have any more sex because she might get pregnant and have more kids and she already has one or more to take care of. So her sex drive pretty much disappears while ours stays the same. Soon, you’ll find yourself 10 years into a marriage only having sex once a year and thinking about blowing your brains out to end the sexual frustration! One of the places I recently worked at was an office where the 6 women working there would have lunch every day down the hall from my office. At least every 2-3 days they would talk about HOW ANNOYING it was that their husbands kept trying to initiate sex with them and how repulsed they were by their husbands for making these advances and for not getting the fucking hint and just stop asking. I’m not making this shit up! This is how marry women talk about their husbands when you are not around! I discovered this the hard way by reading my wife’s journal after I discovered she wanted a divorce. If you really want to know how a woman feels about you, just wait until they end the relationship, then you REALLY find out their true feelings. Also, 85% of the time, in divorce, the woman gets full custody of the kids, which means she gets to poison them to you. She gets to tell them all sorts of shit everyday and they end up believing you hate them and never wanted them and that you tried to hurt them and that’s why she left. The craziest shit you can ever think of is what your ex-wife will tell your kids to get them to hate you. Not all women will do this, but the vast majority do. Just join a divorce support group and ask everyone about this topic and you’ll find out the cold hard truth. Plus, when she gets full custody, that means you have to pay even MORE in child support because you’re not taking care of them 50% of the time, so she gets allocated more money by the family court judge. In many cases, the child support and alimony is so high that you aren’t making enough to feed yourself, let alone pay rent and car payments. Any future dating plans are GONE as you live out of your car or parents basement for the rest of your life. FUCK THAT!!!
  18. Never let a woman manipulate you. Women love manipulating men. It’s a shit test for them. They like drama and to be entertained and get bored easily. When they try to manipulate you to do shit no sane man would do, they want to see what you will do. They secretly want you to stand up to them and say “NO! I will not pay for your parking tickets. You got them, you pay them!” They will act all mad and pouty, but will respect you more and desire you more. Men usually agree to do it since they’re getting pussy from the girl and want to continue to get pussy and are afraid of losing the pussy, but when you fail shit tests like this, the woman loses respect for you, which results in her not wanting to sex with you. And almost everything is a shit test with a woman! It’s exhausting!!! When you find her trying to manipulate you, be sure to put the foot down immediately the way a parent would for a child. If you don’t you’ll soon be asking why she never wants to have sex with you anymore. Plus, once they know they can manipulate you in one way, they’ll continue to test your boundaries to see just how much you’ll actually let them get away with. The ONLY WAY to pass a shit test is to act like you don’t care if you ever get to fuck them again or not. Only then will you not put up with any of their shit and thus fully pass their shit tests which makes them WANT to have sex with you again. Women are nuts gentlemen! By not putting up with her shit and treating her like shit, you show her that she is below you and you are above her in sexual marketplace value, which tickles her hypergamy, which makes her want to fuck you. By putting up with her bullshit, you are telling her that you are below her, which will make her resent you and not want to have sex with you. When it comes to manipulation, women typically first try to exert her womanly dominance by being a bitch. If that doesn’t work, they try tears to get you to do what they want. If that doesn’t work, they throw sweet compliments and sex at you. If that doesn’t work, then they either obey you or realize they’ll never get what they want from you and leave. It’s a self-correcting problem AS LONG AS you don’t marry them or have kids with them. If anyone throws compliments at you, simply cut through the bullshit and ask them what they want, because they’re usually buttering you up so you’ll be open to giving them what they want.
  19. Women purposely cry to try and manipulate men. If a woman starts crying, you have to IMMEDIATELY call her on her shit! Point out that what she is doing is trying to manipulate you by forcing fake tears and that if she doesn’t stop NOW things are only going to get worse. She will stop crying in a heartbeat if she senses its only making things worse. Just like with a child that throws a temper tantrum, if you give in to the crying or temper tantrum, you will only get more and more crying and tantrums in the future. She will continue to test your boundaries! Whatever behavior you reward, you’ll get more of.
  20. Women whine and nag to try and manipulate you. Women will stop doing it if they get punished for it. Do not reward them for this behavior by giving them what they want. Plus, if you do, you fail the shit test and she’ll lose interest in you and stop wanting to have sex with you.
  21. Women can easily accuse you of harassment or rape without any proof. This one 100% SUCKS! A woman can simply call the police on you and accuse you of harassment because you chatted her up at Starbucks and she wasn’t in to you. A women can also have consensual sex with you and then change her mind the next day when she has regret for cheating on her husband and call the police and accuse you of raping her! It’s also not uncommon to break up with a girl after dating for 6 months and have her threaten to call the police and accuse you of raping her unless you stay together with her. Sounds fucked up? It is! Sounds far fetched and ridiculous? Attend some local support groups or online forums discussing the topic and you realize just how common it is.
  22. Never invest more than she is willing to invest in you. As soon as you sense that you are putting more into the relationship than she is, either financially or sexually, you need to pull back to protect yourself. Continuing to invest more and more when she’s not contributing is showing her you are beneath her which will make repulsed by you and not want to have sex with you.
  23. Women love it when you make fun of their period. If she’s being a bitch, simply tell her to come back when she’s not on her period. Tell her that you don’t want to deal with her PMS and to stop being a bitch. It conveys you are above her and you pass her shit test.
  24. Women use the silent treatment to try and get what they want. Act like you don’t care or act happy they’re finally being quiet and that shit will stop. Or simply start talking to other girls and she’ll come back around in a heartbeat.
  25. Treat women like children. They act like children so treat them like one! Don’t put up with any of her shit. Would you let your kid talk to you that way? Hell no! What you let her get away with, what you give in to, you’ll get more of. To do this correctly, treat her like you don’t give a shit if you ever have sex with her again.
  26. If she’s flirting with other guys in front of you she’s most likely fucking other guys already too! She’s flirting with other guys because she already has one foot out the door anyway. Help her on her way by kicking her to the curb. Do not stand for this shit or you are a mangina. Show a fucking backbone or you are a cuck!