Patriarchy is the natural order. Without patriarchy, you don’t have a stable society. The absence of patriarchy is an illusion by government. What I mean by this is that without government, women are wholly dependent on men for their survival. What the government does is that it takes what women would normally take from men individually and then gives it to women.

For example, if a women wants to be taken care of and protected, she has to come to a man, court him, give him certain services, like bearing him children, keeping his balls empty and his stomach full, in order for him to protect and provide for her. What the government does is it allows her to vote for the government to extract the very resources without the sex and other services a woman would normally provide. So instead of women saying, “If you take care of me, I’ll love you and give you sex, children and amazing meals”, women now say, “Government, take his money and give it to me and I will vote for you.”

The absence of patriarchy, when you have egalitarianism and feminism, requires the enslavement of men.

How Patriarchy Died In The West

In beginning, we had patriarchy. Then communism came in and convinced us that patriarchy was sexist and that the solution was to empower women. Empowering women comes at the expense of male authority, so as women became more empowered, the less authority men had over them, until the balance was so out of whack that the rights of the women were so much better than the rights of the man. Now, in 2020, the man has NO RIGHTS and the result is that men have no incentive to get married or deal with women on any relationship level. The juice is just not worth the squeeze.

You see the same thing in business, except its workers and business owners. If you want to start a business, it’s going to cost you a ton of your own personal time (time is money) and a lot of money. You’re most likely going to have to take out a loan and put your personal financial assets at risk. Now imagine the workers rights far outweigh the business owners rights. Imagine they can screw you over and steal form you and you can’t do anything about it because you don’t have any rights as a business owner. Then it’s not worth the risk! Why would you start a business at all? When workers rights far out weight the business owners rights, people that would have started a business don’t and then you get mass unemployment. The answer is ALWAYS to repeal the laws that took rights away form the business and give some back to the business owner. There’s a constant pendulum swing between business owner’s rights and workers rights. If you want to lower your unemployment rate, give business owners more rights, like the right to fire someone for no reason at any time. Can you imagine how many men would get married if marriage was like that?! 🙂