Prepper Checklist

  1. Food: Freeze dried that lasts 25 years is ideal. MREs are not ideal.
  2. Batteries: These can be a great barter item in a grid down situation.
  3. Lighters and Matches
  4. Toiler Paper & Wipes: Scotts is good and cheap.
  5. Electricity: Portable solar cells
  6. Duct Tape: Gorilla is good. Get multiple sizes. Flex Tape 4″ is a must as well as it’s super strong.
  7. Fire Starters:
  8. Ropes and cordage
  9. Candles and Lamps: Get the 9 day candle on Amazon.
  10. Heirloom Seeds
  11. Bug Spray and Sun Protection
    1. So one of the bug sprays that I use that works fantastic is Sawyer permethrin. I’ve walked through chest high grass on my farm and not one tick.
  12. Fuel: Propane for cooking.
  13. Tarps
  14. Salt & Sugar
  15. Contractor Heavy Duty Trash Bags
  16. Socks and Underwear
  17. Flashlights and Headlamps
  18. Bleach & water Purification tablets
  19. Nails and Screws
  20. Raw and Unfiltered Honey
  21. Liquor
  22. Fishing line: Omniflex 500 yards 15 pounds
    1. When it comes to fishing line, I would stay away from monofilament. It will dry rot over time and in sunlight. Go with braided line. It’s stronger and won’t break. Good for fishing, traps, and sewing. More expensive, but your life may depend on it.
  23. Repair and Maintenance tools
  24. Knives, Axes, Arrows, Bolts, Broad Heads and guns
  25. Zip Ties
  26. First Aid: Quick clot and bandages. Butterfly bandages. Super glue (buy a bunch of the tiny containers as it has a shelf life of hours) / skin glue. Hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound first.
    1. On skin cuts, wash with hydrogen peroxide to remove as much contamination as possible. I flush the wound until the cut strops fizzing from the hydrogen peroxide, then press the edges of the top skin back together, lay a small bead of super glue to those edges. Wait for the glue to dry and repeat as needed. Very little scarring. I once busted my top lip through to my teeth with a jack handle and glued the outer skin together as described. A few butterfly bandages and it healed in a few days without a scar. stitches would have been a nightmare on my face the rest of my life. 
    2. Don’t forget Tourniquets. CAT & RAT. Rat works better on small people and kids.
    3. I would add brown bottle Lysol, It’s hell on all known pathogens.
    4. Fish ampicillin same as human ampicillin by bags of 500 pill at 500mg. Wherever you buy try to get the “Thomas Labs” brand. ONLY USA manufacturer. Buying from China is “iffy”. Google Countryside Pet Supply for best price. Tractor supply has amoxicillin for fish too. Same as human just hasn’t gone through FDA certifications.
  27. Hygiene: toothpaste, floss, bar soap, bar shampoo, hand sanitizer (last 2-3 years)
    1. Feminine Products: Menstrual Cups.
  28. Gun cleaning kit
  29. How to books
    1. You need books on food storage, medical&first aid books, holistic remedy books. Edible and medicinal wild plants books.
  30. HAM radio, battery powered radio with hand crank. Preferably one that gets shortwave and NOAA weather as well as AM and FM.
  31. Jolly Ranchers
  32. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Kool-Aid, Bullion Cubes
  33. Silver
  34. Steel water storage containers
  35. Better sleeping bag
  36. Don’t forget a 20 LB propane bottle and a adaptor to refill the 1 LB bottles .
  37. inergy Kodiak Solar generator. Use CITYPREPPING code for 20% off.