Anytime you see an article about how we need to stop having babies because the world is overpopulated, it’s ALWAYS geared toward white people. They’re not trying to actually lower the world population; they’re trying to lower the white population. And that’s because non-white people vote for them (i.e. the Democratic Party). Once all the white people are extinct, and all the people that remain are ideologically aligned with them, that shit will end right there and then. They’re basically trying to get white people to remove themselves from the equation. They’re trying to get them to surrender right now.

And you’ll notice the articles are ALWAYS geared toward women. And the reason for that is that women are very emotional. They’re not rational. And women control whether babies live or die. No baby can be born if the woman doesn’t consent. So they try to scare white women and propagandize to them to try to get them to stop having babies in order to decrease the white population to make it eventually go extinct. Because non-whites typically vote hard left. According to some studies, it’s as high as 70% to 80% of the non-white population vote HARD LEFT. Even Asians vote hard left.

And after all the white people are out of our way, then they can have their glorious communist revolution! And as with all communist takeovers, 10% or more of the population will be culled, which means 33 million Americans would die, as there is just over 333 million people in the USA right now. And even though all these people will die, the communists totally believe that once they are in power, it will be different because economics is just a social construct in their minds.