One of the ways to avoid the coming NWO “Mark of the Beast” system is to simply to get out of the way by strategically relocating somewhere that has no or very little technology and very low population. Theoretically, these areas will be the least affected by the beast system. The worst areas to be will be population centers like big cities with a population over 100,000. Case in point, The Urban Farmer left Kelowna, BC because it had over 100,000 people in it (145K). The purpose of strategic relocation is to simply get out of the way as the digital currency (CBDCs – programmable currency) is implemented and the people are enslaved and either revolt or die off. High population centers will be the most affected as they will be the first areas where the smart grid enslavement system is implemented. They always focus on the big cities first. Poorer and isolated areas will be the least effected if at all. When they force the populace to starve by cutting off the energy, food, water and gas, the people will beg for a solution to the problem the politicians created and that solution with be even more enslavement. Areas worth considering are as follows: 

  • Rural properties far away from population centers where you can be self-sufficient by growing your own food, have your own water source, have solar power and be well armed.
  • 3rd world countries such as Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Panama and Mexico (these countries are so poor that so few people have cell phones that the technocratic elites can’t implement their totalitarian digital ID, QR code, digital currency, total enslavement social credit score system).