1. Financially we need to have: US Dollars for now in your possession, the right Cryptos, Physical Gold and Silver, Credit, Ability to Trade and or Barter a skill. People may underestimate the importance of a skill to barter with and also the future leverage good credit will afford those who have it.
  2. Be the “Gray Man” which simply means you should “blend in.” Do not “look” rich even if/when you are. Now is not the time for a Ferrari or McMansion…lay low for now. You do not want to put a target on your back, nor do you want others envious of you. Bethe modest millionaire. Remain vigilant.
  3. Have a secure place/location to live outside of cities if at all possible. At a minimum have a “rapid evacuation plan.” Some call it a “bug out plan” with a “bugout bag.” You can google “bug out plan” and “bug out bag.” But really always just have a contingency plan.
  4. Make sure you have a good and reliable water source in your area. Good Well Water or have water purification means.
  5. Do not live below DAMS and you do not want to live in “Flood Zones.” Major flooding in every continent will be an issue.
  6. Right size your home. Some call it downsizing, others call it right sizing. 7
  7. For your family’s sake have a couple of months of food, water, and emergency supplies (you know, first aid, backup power, flash lights, ability to charge your phones/electronics, playing cards for entertainment etc.). We are going into a depression, and a food shortage, so gather supplies now. There will be times that you don’t want to go stand in grocery store lines. Have your back up medicine–a 3 to 4week back up is important. Figure out how to do it. Keep your vehicles full of gas.
  8. Have a personal protection plan, do not give up your guns. Now is the time to lay low and hang out with the people that you love.
  9. Have a close knit group you can count on, this is key because if you pick the wrong people it can be worse than having no one.
  10. Things move slow until they don’t. You must be prepared now. As I have been writing about for years, there is a quickening. While I was saying this a few years ago when people had time to get their feces amalgamated, others are starting to say it now. No kidding! If you think things have been moving fast, buckle up.
  11. Remember you are powerful and brave. You would not be here if you were not brave. You create your reality. First you think it, then you say it, and then you do it. “Vision Boards,” or “ Treasure Maps” are a wonderful exercise in personal visualization, I highly recommend them. You must focus on what you want and then get off your tush and make it happen. Just wishing does not work. God loves Faith in Action! I have many clients who want a different job or relationship or more financial freedom. Okay, that is excellent. That is step one. Now set your intentions and take steps. Pray on it, visualize it, feel as if it has come to fruition and work towards your goals! Feeling it is ultra-important!