The Weather Underground was a far-left Marxist militant organization first active in 1969, run by Jewish Communists, founded on the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan. These Jews bombed the capital building and were later pardoned by President Clinton and would later become executives at Black Lives Matter, so they could use Black Lives Matter to do literally the exact same thing.

News Sources

  • Officials Criticize Clinton’s Pardon of an Ex-Terrorist (2001)
    “An unusual combination of New York political and law enforcement leaders have condemned former President Bill Clinton’s pardon of Susan L. Rosenberg, a one-time member of the Weather Underground terrorist group who was charged in the notorious 1981 Brink’s robbery in Rockland County that left a guard and two police officers dead.”
  • Clinton Camp Pushes O-Bomber Links: Ignores Her Own Radical Ties (2008)
    “The Hillary Clinton campaign pushed to reporters today stories about Barack Obama and his ties to former members of a radical domestic terrorist group — but did not note that as president, Clinton’s husband pardoned more than a dozen convicted violent radicals, including a member of the same group mentioned in the Obama stories.”
  • Obama, Clinton and the Weather Underground (2008)
    “Clinton sought advantage from her rival’s association with William Ayers, a college professor who was once part of the violent Weather Underground group.” and “Members of the Weather Underground, known initially as the Weathermen, claimed responsibility for a series of bombings, including non-fatal but destructive ones at the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol. (In 1971)”
  • It Didn’t Start on Jan. 6: Brief History of Terrorist Violence at Capitol (2021)
    “a 1971 bombing by the domestic terrorist group the Weather Underground; and another one 12 years later, by a group of Weathermen who identified themselves as the Armed Resistance Unit.”