Where Is Tiffany Dover?

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Who Was Tiffany Dover?

Tiffany Dover was a registered nurse at CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who fainted while talking to reporters after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination on December 17, 2020.

People began flooding her Facebook page with comments and concern, asking whether she is dead or alive and even going so far as to demand “proof of life” videos. Her Facebook page is now deleted and her Instagram page hasn’t been updated since February 2021.

CHI Memorial Hospital confirmed in a December 19 statement on Twitter that Dover was doing well and was still alive. “UPDATE: Nurse Tiffany Dover appreciates the concern shown for her. She is home and doing well. She asks for privacy for her and her family,” the hospital wrote. The statement said she has a medical condition that caused the fainting.

Here she is the next day speaking about what happened:

The only problem is that her death certificate is available online for all to see and no one has heard from Tiffany Dover since. If she was still alive, it would be easy for them to bring her back on live TV to prove she is still alive and well. Considering they haven’t, and no one has seen her since, and her death certificate is available online, it is safe to assume she did pass away.

Tiffany Dover’s Death Certificate

Tiffany Dover’s death certificate is available from the Dekalb County Board of Health.

Reddit Discussion

Is the fainting nurse, Tiffany Dover, dead or alive?

Lots of things being deleted everywhere.

I lifted this comment from the larger sub:

More info from yesterdays deleted thread (the user is gone with the thread)

The death notice is real, based on county records. Tiffany Pontes Dover Age: 30 Location: Higdon Alabama. Death report: Done. Data source: DeKalb county death records.

Death certificates may be filed in the state where an individual died and also in the state where they are buried

She was born on November 25, 1990. She is related to Michael Anthony Pontes, Gary Lee Pontes, Felesia Karen Smith Pontes, Felix Clint Smith, Joshua Smith, Isabella Smith, Ashley Rena Shirley and Debbie Rena Dover. Her maternal grandparents Billy Clinton Smith and Alyce Lassetter Smith are from Henagar, Alabama. source photo

May she rest in peace – but hopefully not in vain The person in the video on the 21st December 2020 “Tiffany Dover with nursing leadership” showing her as “alive” & “our nursing leadership wants the public to know of their support of Tiffany” had brown eyes (not blue). Her hair is also parted differently. Tiffany Brown Eyes (“alive” & “fine”) – 21st December Tiffany (blue eyes) – the real Tiffany who took the shot a week or so ago Video comparison Other strange pertinent facts (if there are any I have missed please let me know)

Her parents & brother deleted their social media (but her sister did not for some reason ?) Tiffany’s social media has still seen zero new activity after 8-9 days now ? (at time of writing) Other facts as a timeline:

Hospital posted she is home and fine, then they deleted. After that the above mentioned death record started spreading. Tiffany said this is her casual faint, she is doing it weekly (“6 times in 6 weeks”), nothing to see here. Which raised even more question and sounds very very off. People started asking her in social medias. THERE WAS NO HARASSING. Everyone was genuinely worried about her. The comments started to get censored / shadow-banned on Hospital Facebook page and her social media. Her friend list started to change, some time after that it was hidden. A proven fake account started to mass-spam she is fine messages. Fake YouTube channel created with the first post dated 18/12/2020 (“I’m alright” & “I pass out 6 times in 6 weeks” & “hangnail can cause me to have this”) Her family posted random and weird stuff like they are on family Christmas trip etc. Then they deleted those posts. Still no reaction from Tiffany anywhere. Next day her Facebook with more than 10K comments and digging info is gone, deleted, hidden. The last step we have this extremely weird last video from CHI Memorial Hospital, which raised more questions than gave us answers. She was talking for minutes on national TV before the vaccine & now you show us some weird edited team photo with “supporting Tiffany” cards. Supporting her in what ? She is not our enemy, no one attacked her or her actions, why should you support her ? Many of us here are trying to stop these killer vaccines – why would we attack someone when we genuinely care for people on the whole ?

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