Here’s the quick summary:

The UK has a massive welfare state (shitty health care for all, social security, food stamps, welfare for the poor, etc.) that requires more and more people every year to pay into it in order to keep it from collapsing. It’s a ponzi scheme like our system here in the US.

But because they empowered their women (like we did in the US), they’re not having all the babies that are needed to keep the ponzi scheme going. So the only solution to the problem is to get rid of the welfare state or import people via mass immigration.

They, like us, choose mass immigration to keep the welfare state going. The only countries that are growing though are the patriarchal ones that didn’t empower their women: Muslims countries where women have an average of SEVEN KIDS each versus Westerners that only have 1-2 kids each.

And as we know, a good number of muslims HATE Westerners because for the last 100 years we’ve been fucking up their shit in the Middle East. So of course they don’t give a fuck about actually becoming British, but instead go on jihads left and right to take out as many Westerners as they can. That’s why all the Christmas Markets in Europe now have stone blocks around them to keep the jihadis they invited into their countries from running all the Christians over.

And because their culture is VASTLY different than English culture, they don’t give a fuck about the local women.They see them as sluts for not wearing jihabs, So they just raped and pillaged and sex trafficked as many white girls as they could get their hands on.

And the police did jack shit to stop them because (1) They’re having all the babies and keeping the welfare state alive, (2) They are scared of them because they are vicious killers that blow shit up and kill Westerners quite often, (3) Now that there are enough of them in the UK (2.6 MILLION!), political parties pander to them and support them so they get their vote and (4) They don’t want to appear “racist” for actually investigating them and bringing them to justice.

At the end of the day, demographics is destiny, which is why 30 years from now the UK will just be a muslim island because they’re having all the babies…because they didn’t empower their women.

So, the lesson from all this is DO NOT EMPOWER YOUR WOMEN or you will be demographically replaced by patriarchal cultures that don’t give a rats ass about integrating into your society as they are replacing you. And of course get rid of the stupid welfare state.



As per your comment above about “women would be miserable having 7 kids”, yes, they would be miserable IF THEY DID WHAT FEMINISM TELLS THEM TO DO: Spend your prime fertility years (18-30) getting a degree, getting a good job, climbing the corporate ladder, competing with a man, becoming like a man and THEN when you’re 35 and your womb has dried up, then try to have kids. They then spend $40K on in vitro fertilization to try to have kids and if they’re successful, there’s a damn good chance it’s going to be a downy baby.

The feminist lie has made women MISERABLE and it’s getting worse every day!

Think back to before everyone was brainwashed by feminism. Women found a man when they were young (when men are most attracted to them), got married, had a bunch of kids, stayed married and raised the kids. That was it! That’s all they had to do! That’s all any women still needs to do. Just get married somewhere between 18 and 25, push out 5 -7 kids, and you’re done! You’re a success! Your life was a success!!! That is literally all women need to do to be a success in life.

On their death beds, just like you and me, none of them want to be remembered for their determination in putting 80 to 100 hour work weeks in to compete with men. NO! They want to be surrounded by their children and all the happy memories they made raising them.

Feminism destroyed that possibility. And men enabled it. It’s all our fault.

And when the next patriarchal society replaces us and women go back to the subservient lifestyle, they’ll ask those men, “What took you so long?”