This is very strange, but it is so. Anyone who wants to check it can enter Pacer, create an account and pay a few cents to download all the documentation. I leave the data for each one to do their search.
Northern District of Florida | United States Bankruptcy Court

chapter 11 bankruptcy united states corporation case no 20-40375-KKS United States bankruptcy court northern districts of Florida Tallahassee division
Tax ID # 13-6149455 4-5-2020
Decedents ss # 126-56-2303 – uses the name “Roger Allen Moore”
DUNS number 040539587, 003254885
Executive office of the United States govt – WH address
Trump signed President / CEO
Represented by Phelps Dunbar

In short, the US Corporation filed for bankruptcy on May 4, 2020 as evidenced by the main document and the signature of its CEO. Very, very strange everything. But we are seeing it and it is official.

The complete dissolution of the UNTIED STATES CORPORATION at 12:01 on the day of the inauguration.