Timeline of the Corporatization of the United States in 1871

The US Corporation

  • The US became a corporation in a treaty in 1871. Ulysses S Grant. We owed France a very large amount of money. The bankers in Britain decided to help us, but that meant that a good portion of US tax dollars would be going to the bankers in Britain. To the Cabal. That’s why we are not in control of our money. They created the whole debt system. The treaty made the US in charge of the military for this US Crown Corporation, the finances were controlled by the bankers in the City of London and the Vatican was the bank.
  • The US declared bankruptcy
  • On September 12, 2018, Trump created an executive order. Within that he outlined that in future elections any kind of foreign or domestic interference, specifically for the 2020 election.
  • Some people say this is a mistake by Jack Smith to try Trump because now Trump can subpoena and make public the information from both sides. “Former President Accused of Conspiring To Defraud US Over Elections”
  • The DoD and Space Force have the actual election results. How could they not?
  • Trump felt that if he present the evidence too soon that we would have a Civil War for sure. He felt that people really needed to see how bad it could get.
    • The only problem with this line of thinking is that everyone I know who voted for Biden still think (in Sept 2023) that he is great and was the perfect choice.
  • Trump looked at the Queen, she gave a wave instructing him to walk first. He then stopped after a couple of feet and allowed her to catch up to him. This was a signal that he was going to bankrupt the US Corporation. It was the Vatican, the Crown and the US that since 1871 had us on the hook financially. Our tax dollars have been going to the Queen and the Vatican since 1871 because we owed them money / had to pay them back for helping us in the Civil War. He told the Queen “I’m ending this. We’re dissolving this corporation.”
  • The Pope was not happy. It took 650 planes to remove our gold from the Vatican bank.

The District of Columbia

  • The District of Columbia is not part of the Untied States. It is a foreign country unto itself. It has its own constitution. It’s just like The Vatican City and The City of London.
  • This goes all the way back to 1066 and William The Conqueror. The Romans had built The City of London, which was one mile square, which is where all the financial institutions have offices today. William The Conqueror told all the bankers back then that that could be a country unto itself and that the royal family / queen could not interfere. To this day, the royal family need permission to enter The City of London.



is a Corporation That Is Bankrupt




This is very strange, but it is so. Anyone who wants to check it can enter Pacer, create an account and pay a few cents to download all the documentation. I leave the data for each one to do their search.
Northern District of Florida | United States Bankruptcy Court

chapter 11 bankruptcy united states corporation case no 20-40375-KKS United States bankruptcy court northern districts of Florida Tallahassee division
Tax ID # 13-6149455 4-5-2020
Decedents ss # 126-56-2303 – uses the name “Roger Allen Moore”
DUNS number 040539587, 003254885
Executive office of the United States govt – WH address
Trump signed President / CEO
Represented by Phelps Dunbar

In short, the US Corporation filed for bankruptcy on May 4, 2020 as evidenced by the main document and the signature of its CEO. Very, very strange everything. But we are seeing it and it is official.



The complete dissolution of the UNTIED STATES CORPORATION at 12:01 on the day of the inauguration.   

Creation of the United States Corporation

US Declares Bankruptcy – Obama
“Ten years to the day of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, President Obama made the announcement to the General Assembly of the United Nations that the United States was filing for bankruptcy and for the protection provided in the Chapter 11 provisions of the United States Bankruptcy Code.”

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