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4 People Died – All Trump Supporters

Four Officers Committed Suicide Shortly After

AOC admits Capitol Police held the doors open on Jan 6


December 2020

Liberal activist arrested, charged with participating in Capitol riot

Something Is Afoot

Filmed by Antifa Blm John Sullivan!!!!!!! Aka JaydenX

A play on 4 acts :

  • Act I : Infiltration : watch as a “crazy” guy appears from behind the secure part of the Capitol from behind police lines : Inserted
  • Act II: Action : Fargo Hat over Maga hat Pirelli top, previously crazy man gets given a Kevlar helmet to bash in windows .. (videographer also gets to the front by telling people he has a knife 🔪 😳)
  • Act III: Exfiltration: Ashli Babbitt shot: our Fargo pirelli Hat guy talks to and and gets permission to walk past the arriving police :: gets behind their tactical line into their tactically cleared space
  • Act IV: Change Disguise: The Fargo hat Pirelli guy having been allowed to safe space landing behind 6/7heavily armed police manages to change his gear and pack it in a bag .. behind police who aren’t looking on there six . (And leather coat lady notices) 


Source #2:

Japanese Journalist Explains What She Saw


Analysis of Ashli Babbit Video Suggests Coordinated Actions—Interview W. Masako Ganaha | Crossroads

Facial recognition identifies extremists storming the Capitol



The Media Is Not Telling The Whole Story About Jan 6

Trump Didn’t Incite Anyone

President Trump didn’t mention violence on Wednesday, much less provoke or incite it


Source 2: 

Ex-Capitol Police Chief Says Pelosi, McConnell’s Sergeants-At-Arms Refused Security Measures While New Timeline Proves ‘Trump Incitement’ Claims Bogus.

Hang on a second. The perimeter breachers would’ve had to leave downtown DC for the Capitol before Trump even began speaking, for the timelines as we’re told to work out.


Outgoing Capitol Police chief accuses House, Senate security officials of hindering efforts to call in National Guard

In sworn affidavit, FBI agent says liberal activist is charged with participating in Capitol riot and urging participants to set place on fire. 


Summer 2020

The protestors were moved back from the front of the White House in preparation for the DC Curfew. This was under order of the DC Mayor. The protestors were asked to disperse 3 times and when they didn’t they were forcefully moved.

Washington D.C. Police Disperse Protesters with Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets as Curfew Starts

Date: June 1, 2020


CNN Video Where they acknowledge this fact

Clearing Out Lafayette Park for Trump’s Church Photo Op Was Wrong, Even If Cops Didn’t Use Tear Gas


Video of them clearing people