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Baby mamas, single mothers, deadbeat dads, absent fathers: these polarizing terms are commonplace in today’s African-American community. Why are 72% of black children are born out of wedlock, and being raised by single mothers?

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6h8R4RDpT0

60% of Our Taxes Go To Welfare


Welfare Causes Your Population To Get Dumber

Welfare has a dis-eugenics effects on a society because it taxes the smart people that worked hard and made all the money in order to support the losers in a society that aren’t smart and can’t make it in this world and need someone to support them.

By transferring the wealth from the smart people to the dumb people (who need it to support all their kids), you are encouraging dumb people to have more kids because they’ll get more free shit in the form of welfare for each and every kid they have.

You’re also making it harder for smart people to have more kids because all the tax money you take from them (that is given to the dumb people that are the losers of your society) could have been used by those smart people to raise even smarter kids and more of them.

This would result in your population getting smarter over the decades instead of dumber due to welfare.

Results Based Welfare Over Vote Buying Welfare

Some welfare is good for a society as everyone falls on hard times now and then, but these welfare benefits should be temporary and not permanent. If you don’t have a small amount of welfare, you’re going to get a degree of civil unrest and bullshit, but the welfare you do offer needs to be results based. In America, for the last 70 years, we’ve had politicians buying votes by promising free shit and money and this is a serious problem.

A perfect example of politicians BUYING votes in exchange for FREE SHIT is Andrew Yang in the 2020 Presidential Elections. He’s offering $1,000 a month to everyone if they vote for him. It’s his entire campaign promise! “I’ll give you a $1,000 a month you didn’t earn by taxing all the hard working Americans to pay for it.”

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