The worst American Presidents were the ones at the start of the Progressive Era, in which they started the MASSIVE expansion of the Federal Government, instituted a Federal Income Tax and gave women the right to vote. Before then, the Federal Government didn’t have the income and authority or jurisdiction to do any of the insanity we see today. It all started with the Civil War, which was a war to stop state secession. It removed annulment, which was supposed to be a check on Federal power. Up until the Civil War, the states kept the Federal Government in check. They were part of the checks and balances our forefathers knew was needed.

The “Gilded Era” started after the Civil War, which started the nepitism we see in the Federal Government today, which manifested itself with thew railroad barrons at the time. 

Congress started being more involved with the every day matters of the economy in a way they never had before, nor did they have any right to do so. It’s just no one stopped them.

But then it REALLY picks up steam with these Presidents:

  1. Teddy Rosevelt
    1. While he was bedridden, his wife pushed for women to get the unearned right to vote.
  2. Woodrow Wilson:
    1. He passed the 16th Amendment (the direct levying of a Federal income tax), 17th Amendment that drastically reduced the power of state Legislatures in relation to the Federal Government, and the creation of the Federal Reserve, which essentially sowed the seeds for the Federal Government to engage in the Central Banking practices, which allowed it to finance things outside of taxing and borrowing.
    2. It was also during this time they started pushing “Democracy” over “Constitutional Republic”. Unfortuantely, we are more a democracy today than ever as we’ve allowed them to chip away at the safeguards that kept us from becoming a “mob rule” democracy that the Founding Fathers repeatedly warned us about. See Madison’s notes; he ensured everyone at the Constitutional Convention knew that Democracies are HORRIBLE! He pointed out that Athens destroyed itself through Democracy and they wanted to avoid that. They wanted a system more like the Roman Republic, but they also learned from the Roman Republic’s mistakes and what made it collapse and thus they made changes to that system so it wouldn’t suffer the same fate. They wanted to make sure there were no standing armies, which Jefferson warned about.

What we have now is a system that pretends to be a Democracy, but it’s really an oligarchy and a deep state shadow government of unelected officials actually running things that can never be fired, because we’ve allowed the government to grow into the world’s largest government ever. 

America doesn’t need a revolution; it needs a restoration.