US Economic Collapse

Due to the WuHan Coronavirus, The US is set for an economic collapse. The virus was the pin the popped the massive debt bubble that has been building for the last 20+ years.

The Federal Reserve is being called upon to inject cash into banks to guard against market pressure. What that means is that the Federal Reserve will print a bunch of money, they will then give the money to the banks, the banks will charge interest on it to give it to you. And basically, every time the fed prints more money, your dollar buys less. And at the same time, the amount of things your dollars can buy is shrinking as the global supply chain breaks down. So this is only going to make the mega rich “feel” better who are going to lose money. It doesn’t help man street though.

Demand for oil is tanking because nothing is being made and shipped around the world. The global supply chain is disrupted, manufacturing is down and in real terms, wealth is in decline!

The global economy is in trouble. Supply chains are disrupted, ports are empty in the West. That’s the end of the story!

The Federal Reserve keeps the economy going by:

  1. Printing more money to pay for everything. This lowers your money’s value, but enables you to provide people with stuff at “no charge.” It basically makes everyone pay for it, by lowering the value of their existing dollars.
  2. Cut interest rates
  3. Take on massive public debt
  4. Stimulus.
  5. Take on massive debt that the people will have to pay for.
  6. Throw it into the economy and keep that stuff propped up because we don’t want to disappoint the 1%


Trump should have never tied his name to the stock market as that is something he has no control over.

2022 Update

Our only 2 options are Stagflation / Depression or Hyper Inflation.

The Federal Reserve has to crash the economy, which means crash demand for goods and services. They don’t have a choice. They can’t raise interest rates like they did in the late 70s because of all the debt the US now holds. Raising the interest rate would bankrupt the government as we wouldn’t be able to keep making payments on the debt. They can’t print more money and give it away as stimulus checks as that will only exacerbate the problem by causing more inflation.