We Don’t Need More Taxes

We don’t need more taxes, we need LESS spending on government and welfare. Stop stealing from me and using the money to give free shit to the weak and murdering people overseas.

IRS Stats: 40.1% Pay No Fed Income Tax

“In total, about 59.9 percent of U.S. households paid income tax in 2022. The remaining 40.1 percent of households paid no individual income tax. In that same year, about 47.1 percent of U.S. households with an income between 40,000 and 50,000 U.S. dollars paid no individual income taxes.”

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/242138/percentages-of-us-households-that-pay-no-income-tax-by-income-level/

80% of US Citizens Pay Zero Net Tax

80% Pay No Tax

Tax The Rich! Eat The Rich!

Good video showing even if you took everyone’s wealth, we still don’t have enough to pay for all the welfare and government we currently have.

Federal Income Tax

The U.S. Federal Income Tax imposes a tax on “taxable income”. It does NOT impose a tax on ALL income. See 26 US Code § 1. Truth be known. Our gov’t has kept three important facts about the Federal Income Tax hidden from the American People for more than a century:

1. The federal income tax is an EXCISE tax. *
2. EXCISE taxes are taxes laid on the gainful exercise of federal privilege.
3. Most workers do NOT earn their pay exercising any federal privilege.

* Refer to House Congressional Record – 78th Congress – First Session – March 27, 1943 – Volume 89 – Part 2 – Page 2580

The sad truth is… most Americans have been tricked into paying federal taxes they’re not liable for by law. It would appear crypto’s are next in line to fall victim to this scam/fraud.

The Federal Reserve Is Not The Problem

The Federal Reserve has no control over the politicians that keep making promises and then borrowing the money that has put the US in 43 trillion in debt. The Central Bank has no control over the fiscal spending of the government. So, if you want a stable government, it has to be a government that is not allowed to borrow money. Because they will always borrow money to bribe the people to retain power.


  1. NO GOV BORROWING ALLOWED: You can not allow your government to borrow money, because they always will in order to deliver on the promises they made you to win your vote. The government is not trustworthy. They’ll never pay off the debt. Once they start borrowing, they never stop: Gresham’s Law. 
  2. TERM LIMITS: You need term limits so politicians are only in there for a couple of years and then have to return to normal life. You’re never going to have a government for the people and by the people if you have a perpetual political class. The Founding Father’s never intended for politicians to be LIFETIME politicians. Congress used to only meet a weeks a year. You donated your time to the country. The position wasn’t a paid position until after the Civil War. Representatives are all for sale, which is what brought down the Roman Empire.
  3. ONLY NET TAX PAYERS GET TO VOTE: Only allow net tax payers should be allowed to vote. This used to be done via only the landowners paid tax. If you have no skin in the game, and just want free shit, you should not be allowed to vote.
  4. END ALL WELFARE: If you take any form of welfare, you lose your ability to vote. Want to vote for President? Did you take welfare the last 4 years? Then you are not allowed to vote. Welfare needs to be abolished because it’s antithetical to American Values and because 67% of all Federal Spending is for welfare.