Global Warming Is Fake News
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How and Why The Media Makes You Believe Global Warming Is Real

Here’s a perfect example of how the main stream media makes you believe global warming is an existential threat that MUST BE addressed now or we will all die!!!!

Video Title: 11,000 ‘scientists’ warn about climate change? FAKE NEWS! | Ezra Levant
Source: Rebel News and

CBC Video Shown in Above Video:

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: 11,000 Scientists?

Why did the media say that “11,000 scientists” declared a climate emergency when the people that signed the online petition weren’t even scientists? They were just average people like you and I that signed something online for a cause they believe in: “Add your name to the petition if you love the planet and don’t want it to die.”


Reason #1: Real Journalism Is Dead:

They don’t have time to research everything now that we have instant news. They HAVE TO go live with the story as soon as possible to beat everyone else to the punch. The journalists at the main stream news outlets are just talking heads at this point in time. They just read the headline and share it with you. Journalism is officially dead. We haven’t had “real journalism” since the 1980s in America when the “Fairness Doctrine” was still in place.

Reason #2: These Crazy Headlines Make These News Businesses a TON of MONEY

These types of outlandish and SCARY headlines get clicks, shares and views, which results in more ad revenue for the FOR-PROFIT news business. The main stream media isn’t a non-profit business…they NEED MONEY in order to stay in business. By pushing out CRAZY stories like this, they whip people into an OUTRAGE and SCARE the crap out of them, which results in people sharing the news article with their friends and family on social media. This results in more and more people seeing the headline, clicking on it and visiting the website or online video.

The news business is then able to go to advertisers and say, “Hey Proctor and Gamble, you should really advertise on our website. Look how we got 250,000 people to come to our website just yesterday (by pushing out this conspiracy theory bullshit). Don’t you want to get in front of 250,000 people a day? Our website stats show us that 10% of our visitors click on the ads on our site and that 1% of those people make a purchase, which should result in 250 new customers for your business every month. And considering the Life Time Value (LTV) of just one of your customers is $1,000, that means advertising on our site (with these crazy BS stories that make everyone insane), should bring you $250,000! All we ask in return is $25,000 a month for the advertising spot we’ll give you. That’s a 10X ROI! I’ll send you the agreement. Looking forward to working together!”

Reason #3: They Don’t Care How It Affects Society

Unfortunately, these massive news corporations don’t care how these crazy headlines effect society. They’re making a TON of money and they don’t want it to stop. It pays their employees salaries and the price of their stock keeps going up and up. If the news business was owned by 1 person and she started seeing how her BS stories were seriously affecting the fabric of our society, in a VERY NEGATIVE way, then she would probably start doubting what she was doing…feel guilty about it…and eventually stop. But since these news businesses are massive in size and have serious momentum, they can’t stop without hurting themselves and their stock holders.

Question #2: Why Did 11,000 People Sign The Petition?

Okay, so it’s clear that 11,000 “climate scientists” didn’t sign the petition. It was just average everyday people like you and me. But why do people sign these things?

Answer: They’re Virtue Signaling

Everyone likes to feel like they’re doing good in the world and that they are a virtuous person, but we’re all busy with our everyday lives and responsibilities. Not all of us have the time needed to do all the research needed to determine what the real issue is (if there even is one) and how to solve it. In fact, that could take YOUR WHOLE LIFE to figure out and in the end, on your death bed, you may realize there is no answer. For example, you could study climate change for 80 years and on your death bed realize that the planet heats up and cools randomly based on WHAT THE SUN DOES! I.E. Climate change is caused by the activity on the sun, like sunspots, and thus we humans have ZERO control over it.

But again, people like to feel good about themselves, like they’re doing good in the world and that they ARE GOOD so when they see an online petition, they sign it and then send it to their friends and family on social media. In essence, they’re signaling to their friends and family how virtuous they are, and basically saying, “Hey friends and family….look how GOOD I AM because I signed a form that took 5 seconds. If you’re a good person, you’ll sign it too! After all, it only takes 5 seconds. Don’t you care about the planet or are you a MONSTER?!”

Question #3: Who Else Benefits From These Scary Stories?

Answer: The Global Elites That Want A Carbon Credit System

There are a group of people that are very high up in the business world that want to create a carbon credit system in which people like you and I are taxed for our “carbon footprint” in order to pay for the reduction of that global footprint. Guess where that tax money goes? Makes you wish you created the Carbon Credit System, doesn’t it? You’d be an instant billionaire if had 🙂 

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