Societal Collapse
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Will There Be A Societal Collapse In The United States?

Before answering this question, we must first define “societal collapse.” Mesopotamia experienced this 3,000 years ago. It was defined by military defeat, drought, and starvation. For 300 years after that, nobody made pottery, wrote any papyrus scrolls, or built anything. Even their languages disappeared. That certainly wont happen to the US. But will some things worsen? Lets break it down:


We just discovered enough shale oil to ensure energy independence for the next 200 years or more. We now produce our own petroleum, and have become the number one petroleum exporter in the world since the 1970s. So you’ll see the US removing troops from the middle east. We’ve been protecting the entire world’s oil tanker deliveries for the last 70 years with our navy based on the Bretton Lake agreement, for a discount on oil. That is ending. Which means China and Japan will be fighting over Persian gulf oil. Saudi Arabia and Iran hate each other for religious disagreements and jealousy. So since we’re not sending them pallets of cash to avoid a war, they will probably have a war. This always causes drastic increase in oil prices. It wont bother the US. Vietnam hate the Chinese. So imagine oil tankers sneaking into china past Vietnam. We might see quite a rise in Piracy. Russia wants their old eastern block countries back. We’ve been delaying this with NATO, another form of free military protection for Europe. All of these countries will/are begging us to continue the free assistance. Since we don’t need any of their oil, we wont, unless they bend over on trade deals and tariffs which give us tens of billions in yearly profit. We’re seeing that happen now. US will have the best trade deals. The international supply chains will crumble as transport becomes unsafe, and factories will return to the US or the Americas. The rest of the world will return to their pre WWII nationalist ways without the US babysitting them. (Read The Absent Super Power for more info). In the meantime…


We have the largest navy in the world. We have some of the most advanced jets. We have the most robust missile guidance and drone system, (Obama dropped 100,000 bombs in this manner… after winning the Nobel Peace Prize). AND … apparently we’re putting missiles in space with Space Force. So we will certainly not face military defeat. Unless you consider immigration an invasion…


This has already collapsed. Remember, Karl Marx sought to destroy all religion, culture and identity, to create total worship of the government. We can see leftists and democrats chipping away at this. Even modern christians cant resist promiscuity, drug addiction, divorce, single motherhood, radical feminism, etc. 45% of American households are now single mother homes. Divorce rate is 52%. 300,000 drug overdoses per year. Average IQ has dropped by about 5 points in the last 50 years. 25% of Mexico’s population has emigrated to the US and with all do respect to Latinos, I’ve spent years in Latin America, they LOVE communism. They’re raised to believe the government will print money and solve everyones problems with free programs, and when the money runs out, they blame capitalists for stealing it. Unfortunately socialist/communist principles, like welfare, in any country incentivize the lowest IQ citizens to have the most children. Even Roman scholars noticed this 1500 years ago. Research shows criminals have higher birth rates than law abiding citizens after the implementation of the welfare state. This will lead to extreme disparity in intelligence, which is the precursor to wealth disparity (read The Bell Curve by Dr Charles Murray for more info).


So will the US collapse? Militarily, no. Economically, no, but unless you are lucky, the demographic change has ensured we’ll be an enormous welfare state with dangerous sprawling urban areas like Brazil. The culture itself has already collapsed.


Another Perspective From Someone Living In Venezuela

The west may not “collapse” as in ruins, meaning that the western hemisphere will become Africa, but it will eventually go down, just take a look at Venezuela. Before 2000, it was the third richest country in the American continent, just after USA and Canada. And today, in 2019, it is one of the poorest nations on the planet. This is what may happen to the US. Just take a look at California with its homeless crisis; now imagine this going on in the whole society with the importation of Africans and Muslims, it already happened in London and Paris, this is what we mean with “collapse”, a kind of anarcho society. I’m a firm believer that this will happen in the whole world if we still push this leftist agenda.

Didn’t Europe have this Baba Vanga old lady who predicted that in 2040 Europe would be a complete Muslim wasteland? Just take a look at the state of Paris subway, take a look at the German no-go zones, take a look at Sweden, I personally witnessed the collapse of Venezuela (I’m still living in here) and while we may not be Africa in terms of infrastructure, you know we certainly had a societal collapse. You cannot trust anybody because others will seek any opportunity to steal from you, you rob you, this used to be a “rule of the law” country, nowadays everyone has illegal weapons at home and when a thief or criminal is caught there is no “Let’s call the cops on him, please dial 911!”, people just gather around and often lynch and burn criminals alive, people enjoy the chaos, there’s an island state in Venezuela called Nueva Esparta, which is pretty much a Iran 2.0, muslims have invaded and many of them use the Venezuelan population to deal with drugs, form pedophile rings, but of course, if you go around the streets, everything seems to be “normal”, but society as a whole is deteriorated.

Take a look at Spain, native Spanish men are being imprisoned for “hate” crimes, for not being politically correct, courts imprisoning men simply because a woman denounced them, no matter if the man is innocent or not, they don’t care to investigate, they just take the guy to prison, in order “TO PREVENT” bad things from “happening”, but in the meantime these feminist whores in the Spanish parliament and the Spanish government let thousands of savage Africans go through the Moroccan borders. But of course, if you are speaking about “societal collapse” in terms that electricity will eventually go out, oh boy! IT WILL EVENTUALLY GO DOWN, and when rulers of nations get asked why the electrical grid is failing, they’ll just say it’s a sabotage from external enemies, and Americans… Let me tell you something, if the radical wing of the Democrat Party wins in the US and you just stay idly while they start flipping things upside down this is what you’ll have, the world really has no idea the demon that Karl Marx released through the so-called “The Communist Manifesto” and “Das Kapital”.

And I mentioned Muslims in this long post, many people may wonder, what does it have to do with socialism and society collapsing? Well… imagine a theocracy that strips you from your human rights just because you are not a Muslim and even if you are you can still be killed for “doing it in the wrong way”, not add to this theocracy a very common Arabic mindset called “Pan-Arabism”, which is something like an ideology where a “Good benevolent muslim” takes care of the economy and often the state intervenes many things for being “Haram” or doing “Haram” stuff, so socialism 2.0.

There you go, and sadly this is the path we’re following, start to notice the patterns study current events, current cities, past events and how past cities have changed from beautiful places to shitty places, take a look at the US with its war on drugs problem, the 99% of the US population does weed, or at least have tried it once, a drug addicted society will not function properly, the Chineses were hooked on opium before, and I have to be honest, those evil f**kers managed to break that cycle, and you can say they took advantage of the US or whatever, but the f**kers became the second most important country in the planet.


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