Are You On The Right or The Left?

The Difference Between The Right and The Left

There’s so much talk about the “right” and the “left” these days, but how do you really know if you are on the right or on the left? Well, the best way to determine if you are on the right or the left is to examine what the right and the left believe in and see which one best fits you.

Question #1: Do you believe in freedom of speech or do you think certain speech should be illegal or banned?

The left feels that certain people and views should be banned or made illegal. They believe in shutting down free speech where they can. That includes banning people on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or anywhere online those views can be found, such as on a personally owned website.

The right believes all speech should be protected under the 1st Amendment and that everyone deserves to be heard, no matter how crazy or extreme their views may be.

UC-Berkeley says Free Speech Week is canceledBerkeleys Anti-Fascism Protesters Embrace Fascism to Shut Down Free SpeechAs an example, leftists have not only been able to get many conservatives banned on social media in order to keep them from sharing their views, but they also actively work to keep conservatives from speaking on college campuses.

Here’s a video example:


Bernie Sanders Gets Respectful Welcome at Conservative Christian CollegeThis is in stark contrast to the right, who want to hear what the left have to say, even if they don’t agree with all of their view points. They also actively invite Far Left politicians, like Bernie Sanders, to Christian Colleges to speak. This is because people on the Right are far more open to than people on the Left.


Do you believe that all people should be treated equally or do you believe that certain people should receive special treatment? The left believes certain groups should get preferential treatment. They believe that minorities, women and people that identify as LGTBQx should get preferential treatment over straight white males. You can see this in the form of Affirmative Action whereby the government mandates businesses hire people based on their skin color, sex and minority status.

Do you believe in judging people by their character or by the color of their skin? Affirmative Action.

Do you believe in “Free Speech” or do you believe in censorship?

Do you believe in racial segregation or do you believe in racial integration? POC only graduations and ski days.

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