Prepare For Slavery

The west empowered their women and showered the people with welfare. As brith rates plummeted, they tried incentivizing them to have more babies, but every effort failed because why would women have more babies if they don’t have to?

To shore up the bloated welfare state, they tried importing immigrants from everywhere that hadn’t empowered their women, such as the Middle East where women can’t hold jobs and have 7+ kids each instead. But muslims hate Christians so chaos ensued.

The politicians know the only solution to the bloated welfare state ponzi scheme is to take women’s rights away, so they too start having 7+ kids each too, but no one is willing to do it.

Instead, they chose to murder as many old people as they could via COVID jabs and enslave the rest of us so we don’t hang them from lampposts when the entire system collapses.

Their goal is to enslave us via digital IDs & programmable fiat that can be turned off at any time (CBDC) & 15 minute cities that…

…that will force you to stay locked down in your ghetto. If you try to leave your ghetto, your digital ID will turn red and you won’t be able to buy anything outside your ghetto. That’s when total enslavement will be upon us, just like in China.

All because we empowered our women and showered everyone with free welfare that we couldn’t afford.

What’s the solution? Disempower our women (so they start having more babies) and end the insolvent welfare state.

Is anyone going to do it? Nope. So, prepare for slavery.

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